Are you earning a little extra money, but don’t know what to do with it? You could use it to pay off a home loan quicker. By using our extra repayment calculator, you can determine how much extra money you want to pay on top of your minimum repayment fee and see how much you can save on both interest fees and time.

No matter what type of loan you are currently paying off, the extra repayment calculator can help you plan for your future expenses. For a guide on how much extra you can add to your repayment, be sure to check out our Budget Planner as well.

Please keep in mind that your lender may charge you additional fees/surcharges if you exceed an allowed annual limit for additional repayments. This is especially common with mortgages.

What can the Extra Repayment Calculator be used for?

The Extra Repayment Calculator can help anyone with a significant loan spanning one year or longer. This powerful tool is especially helpful when gauging how much time and money you could save on a home loan, as these loans have the longest terms and the most accumulated interest.

For example, with a home loan of $400,000, an extra repayment of just $100 per month can save you two years and $30,660.09 on a 30-year loan term. This type of money can help you buy a nice car or a well-deserved, globe-trotting holiday – and it could only cost you an extra $25 per week.

Our Extra Repayment Calculator is also handy if you decide to rent out your house. You could add your tenants’ rental payments on top of what you are already repaying.  Similarly, if a partner moves into your home, their money contribution can act as an extra repayment as well.

No matter your situation, there are many creative ways you can use the Extra Repayment Calculator to save money and shave time off the life of your home loan.

Additional help

For the most accurate calculations:

  • Ensure that your loan amount and interest rate is representative of your current loan
  • Select the correct repayment frequency.

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  • Print – prints out the current page you’re on
  • Assumption – the factors the calculator assumes in its algorithms.

Save your budget as a pdf

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