Home and contents insurance exclusions

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Written by Kenneth Young
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Updated March 19, 2024

Insurance exclusions tips from our home and contents insurance expert, Adrian Taylor

As Compare the Market’s home and contents insurance expert, Adrian Taylor has the following tips for understanding and avoiding potential exclusions:

Adrian Taylor
Executive General Manager – General Insurance

Always review the PDS before you buy a policy

When comparing home and contents insurance through Compare the Market, you can view the full Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) of any available policy before making a purchasing decision.

Report any crime-related event to the police

Some providers may not cover theft unless you’ve reported it to the police and have an incident report.

Inform your provider of changes to your living situation

Inform your insurance provider as soon as possible of any changes to your home or living situation. This may include holidays, planned renovations or updating your sum insured amount.

What isn’t covered by home insurance?

All policies have limitations and exclusions so it’s important to read the relevant PDS before purchasing a policy, so you can see the full details of what is and isn’t covered. It’s also worth reading the insurer’s Target Market Determination (TMD) to help you choose the right policy for you.

Below are some common home and contents insurance exclusions you might come across when you’re searching for a policy.

General home and contents insurance exclusions

Uninsured events

Pet and wild animal damages

Renovations and general maintenance

Business activities

Illegal activities

Known events and underinsurance

Will I be covered if a natural disaster happens just before I purchase home insurance?

What if the repair costs exceed the value listed in my policy?

Optional extras

Are portable contents covered if I take them out of the house?

Are electrical motors in the house insured?

Meet our home and contents expert, Adrian Taylor

Adrian Taylor
Executive General Manager – General Insurance

As the Executive General Manager of General Insurance at Compare the Market, Adrian Taylor works to make it easier for homeowners, renters and landlords to protect their home and contents. He believes it’s important for all residents (whether they rent, own or lease) to have adequate financial cover for their property and belongings in case the worse should happen.