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About Huddle Insurance

Huddle was founded in 2016 with one goal – to make insurance simple for everyone, everywhere. They’ve built insurance that’s simple and easy-to-understand and backed by clever tech that makes it more powerful too.

Artificial intelligence will help you build your policy and process your claims 24/7, where you’ll receive a decision within minutes in some cases. All of Huddle’s powerful tech is backed by a team of insurance experts, so there’ll always be a human to talk to if you need.

While their approach to insurance is modern, they’re backed up by decades of experience from their underwriter, The Hollard Insurance Company – a leading international insurer.

As one of the newer entrants to the market, Huddle has wasted no time getting three big insurance products into the market: travel, home and car insurance.

Benefits of Huddle home and contents insurance

Your Huddle home and contents insurance policy can include cover for events like:

  • fires (including bushfires), explosions or lightning
  • floods
  • escape of liquid
  • accidental glass breakages
  • malicious damage or theft
  • storms and rainwater damage
  • earthquakes and tsunamis.

Your Huddle home and contents insurance policy also has a range of additional benefits like cover for:

  • emergency accommodation (if your home isn’t safe after one of the above events)
  • food spoilage (when caused by unforeseeable failure of the public electricity supply)
  • home office contents
  • environmental benefits (if your home needs to be rebuilt, you may receive a benefit for things like solar panels to be added to your home).

You can also get optional extras like portable valuable cover, for possessions you carry with you outside your home (like laptops and cameras).

Your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) will include the full details of what your coverage includes. Make sure you read this before purchasing a policy.

Frequently asked questions

What contents does Huddle cover?

Your contents are your personal belongings and goods that you usually keep at your home. Huddle may cover contents like:

  • furniture and electronic equipment (that aren’t fixed to the building)
  • carpets, rugs, curtains and blinds
  • bicycles and contents in locked sheds and garages
  • portable musical instruments
  • jewellery and artwork
  • above-ground pools and spas.

Does Huddle home and contents insurance have any excess payments?

You’ll be required to pay an excess when you claim on your Huddle home and contents insurance policy. A basic excess applies to all claims, and your Certificate of Insurance will show the amount you’ll pay for this. Some other events you claim for might also have their own excess, like floods and earthquakes.

How do I claim on my home and contents policy?

Huddle is making insurance claims easy and hassle-free with Zap™, a 24/7 claims processing app available to Huddle customers. Events like broken glass, accidental damage and bushfires can be claimed through the app. In some cases, you may receive a decision on your claim within minutes.

What isn’t covered by my Huddle home and contents insurance?

Like any type of insurance, some things won’t be covered by your home and contents policy. Some standard exclusions you might come across include:

  • bushfires, storms and floods that occur within 72 hours of purchasing your policy
  • deliberate actions by your or your guests
  • general wear and tear, rusting, deterioration and deprecation
  • damage from failing to maintain or poorly maintaining your home
  • loss or damage caused by building work, like extensions and renovations
  • power surges
  • animal or insect damage.

It’s always important to read the PDS before purchasing any insurance policy. Your PDS will include terms, conditions, inclusions and exclusions.

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