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Huddle home and contents insurance at a glance

  • Choice of cover for your home, your contents or both.
  • 24/7 claim processing online or with the Huddle App
  • Underwritten by The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd.

About Huddle Insurance

Huddle was founded in 2016 with one goal – to make insurance simple for everyone, everywhere. They’ve built insurance that’s simple and easy-to-understand and backed by clever tech that makes it more powerful too.

Artificial intelligence will help you build your policy and process your claims 24/7, where you’ll receive a decision within minutes in some cases. All of Huddle’s powerful tech is backed by a team of insurance experts, so there’ll always be a human to talk to if you need.

While their approach to insurance is modern, they’re backed up by decades of experience from their underwriter, The Hollard Insurance Company – a leading international insurer.

As one of the newer entrants to the market, Huddle has wasted no time getting three big insurance products into the market: travel, home and car insurance.

Benefits of Huddle home and contents insurance

Your Huddle home and contents insurance policy can include cover for events like:

  • fires (including bushfires), explosions or lightning
  • floods
  • escape of liquid
  • accidental glass breakages
  • malicious damage or theft
  • storms and rainwater damage
  • earthquakes and tsunamis.

Your Huddle home and contents insurance policy also has a range of additional benefits like cover for:

  • emergency accommodation (if your home isn’t safe after one of the above events)
  • food spoilage (when caused by unforeseeable failure of the public electricity supply)
  • home office contents
  • environmental benefits (if your home needs to be rebuilt, you may receive a benefit for things like solar panels to be added to your home).

You can also get optional extras like portable valuable cover, for possessions you carry with you outside your home (like laptops and cameras).

Your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) will include the full details of what your coverage includes. Make sure you read this before purchasing a policy.

Frequently asked questions

How can I pay for my Huddle home and contents insurance and is it cheaper to pay my premium annually?

Yes, paying annually will save you money as opposed to monthly instalments. You may be eligible for a 10% discount applied when combining home and contents insurance which will apply for the life of your policy.

What contents does Huddle cover?

Huddle members may be covered for the following possessions under a contents or combined home and contents policy:

  • Clothing
  • Jewellery and watches
  • Furniture
  • Musical instruments
  • Electronic equipment, computers, and appliances not fixed in the building
  • Bicycles
  • Model aircraft
  • Carpets, carpet tiles, floating floors, floor rugs, internal blinds and curtains
  • Contents stored in a locked garage or garden shed
  • Above-ground swimming pools and spas
  • Documents
  • Cash
  • Antiques
  • Artworks
  • Collectables.

N.B.: This list is subject to limits, exclusions and restrictions based on either basic or comprehensive policies unless values are specified.

For all items you wish to take outside the home (like laptops and jewellery), you may like to consider portable valuable cover for these.

For items that are kept at home but have a higher value than the limits placed on your contents policy (e.g. artwork, antiques or jewellery), you may want to consider specifying their values so that they’re not underinsured should you need to claim for them.

How do I claim on my home and contents policy?

Huddle is making insurance claims easy and hassle-free with Zap™, a 24/7 claims processing app available to Huddle customers. Events like broken glass, accidental damage and bushfires can be claimed through the app. In some cases, you may receive a decision on your claim within minutes.

Is storm and natural disaster damage covered by Huddle home and contents insurance?

Yes. Storms, earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions are all natural disasters Huddle will accommodate as insured events should you need to claim against any of these.

Does Huddle home insurance cover tenanted properties?

Huddle home insurance isn’t designed for landlords, but as a renter, you can take out Huddle contents insurance to cover your belongings in a rental property.

How do I make a home and contents insurance claim with Huddle insurance?

You can lodge a claim on your home and contents policy by visiting Huddle’s website and logging in to the customer portal, or calling their claims and emergency support line, which are open 24 hours a day. Make sure you have on hand all the information about the incident and upload any documents (evidence), such as photos of the damage and police reports; this will significantly help in your claim being approved.

Huddle aims to decide on your claim within minutes, where possible. If this can’t be done, a member of Huddle’s customer support team will contact you to help you process the claim, and they may ask for additional information.

What is the excess on Huddle home and contents insurance?

You’ll likely need to pay a basic excess payment when you lodge a claim on your Huddle home and contents insurance policy. Your Certificate of Insurance will show the amount you’ll be expected to pay for this.

How do I cancel my Huddle home and contents insurance?

You can cancel your policy at any time – just contact Huddle and they will facilitate this for you. They may charge a cancellation fee (as specified in your Certificate of Insurance). Any premiums you’ve already paid but haven’t used may be refunded, less any cancellation fees or government charges (e.g. taxes, levies or duties).

You can, of course, cancel your membership within the cooling-off period and Huddle will refund any premium funds you have paid for your policy (provided you haven’t claimed in this period).

What home improvements does Huddle home and contents insurance cover if I need to rebuild?

If you need to rebuild your home due to an insured event, Huddle will help pay for new eco-friendly additions to be included in the home; this is Environmental Benefits cover. These can include solar panels, rainwater tanks and other improvements that can benefit the environment, though you can only claim up to a set limit for any environmental improvement made to the home.

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