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A watch can be more than just an object to tell time. To some, it can be a family heirloom, a stylish testament of success or simply a functional alternative to jewellery. Whatever your watch means to you, it’s important to protect your treasured timepiece against untimely mishaps.

Can I cover my watch with insurance?

You can get cover for your watch with personal effects cover, also known as portable contents cover. This is an optional extra available with contents insurance that offers financial protection for those items you carry around with you every day; like your handbag, phone, wallet and watch.

Do I need insurance for my watch?

You’ve worked hard for everything you own. As such, it’s important to protect your worldly possessions inside and outside your home. If your watch is of value to you (sentimentally or financially), it might be a good idea to consider insuring it, along with the other treasured items you carry around with you, by specifying it in your contents insurance policy.

Frequently asked questions

How can I insure my watch?

Personal effects cover (sometimes called portable contents) offers coverage for accidental loss or damage to a range of belongings that travel with you, anywhere in Australia and even for a specified period overseas – including watches. Generally, you can only get personal effects cover as an optional extra on your contents insurance.

If you’re looking to only cover your treasured timepiece, you could also get comprehensive insurance through a specialised jewellery and valuables insurer.

What does personal effects insurance cover?

Personal effects cover can insure your belongings, including your watch, which could help you cover the cost of repairing or replacing your timepiece up to a certain amount – provided it’s specified on your policy. To this point, if you have a more expensive watch you could increase or nominate your own sum insured with a specified personal effects insurance (see more below).

It doesn’t just have to be an ordinary wristwatch, either. Smart watches, Fitbits and Samsung and Apple watches can also be covered under portable contents insurance. Whatever type of watch you have, it’s crucial to either list it on your policy or have enough unspecified personal effects cover to insure it.

What does personal effects cover insure?

Each personal effects insurance policy will offer different levels of coverage, depending on your insurer. Portable contents cover will generally insure (up to a specified limit) items you take with you out and about (provided they are specified on your policy), including (but not limited to):

  • laptops
  • photographic and video equipment
  • MP3 players/iPods
  • musical instruments
  • jewellery
  • watches
  • spectacles and sunglasses
  • wallets, purses and handbags
  • sports equipment
  • clothing

What’s not covered by personal effects cover?

Typically, you will not be covered for any items not specifically listed as insured under your policy. However, personal effects insurance usually comes with some general exclusions to be aware of, including (but not limited to):

  • business or trade equipment (i.e. company laptop or tools)
  • sporting gear or recreational and leisure equipment while in use
  • motor vehicles and their accessories
  • loss or corruption of electronic records
  • stamps, travel or other tickets, coupons, gift vouchers
  • drivers’ licences, passports or other documents
  • items left unattended in public places or lost due to lack of care
  • wear and tear of your portable contents.

What types of personal effects cover are there?

There are two types of personal effects cover: unspecified and specified.

  • Unspecified personal effects. Offers general cover for a broad range of unspecified portable items such as handbags, clothing, glasses and even sporting equipment for an agreed sum insured.
  • Specified personal effects. Offers cover for items that you specify on your insurance certificate like your watch for example, up to a sum insured that you have specified.

What’s the difference between contents insurance and portable contents cover?

Contents insurance is a standalone insurance product that offers coverage against damage, theft or loss of personal possessions (including furnishing and some fixtures) inside your home.

Conversely, portable contents cover is an optional extra you can add to your contents insurance which provides financial protection for those items you regularly take with you outside of the house.

A man looking at his watch.

How can I find insurance for my watch?

Simple; you only have to list the watch in personal effects under your contents insurance policy to ensure it’s covered.

Your watch isn’t the only thing that needs protection, though. Could you afford to replace heirlooms, jewellery, or expensive electronics if you were robbed? What about if your home was damaged or destroyed by a fire or unexpected event?

If it would cost more than you’re prepared to pay, perhaps a contents insurance policy would be a sound investment for your adobe. We can help you find great-value contents insurance with our free comparison tool. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to get a quote and see what’s out there!

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