Insurance cover for bicycles

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Updated 17 April 2024

How to insure your bicycle

Bicycles and e-bikes are often excluded from basic home and contents policies. However, you may be able to purchase personal effects cover to include them. This is typically an optional extra and may add to the cost of your insurance policy.

Alternatively, standalone bicycle insurance policies do exist through specialty underwriters and insurers.

Contents insurance

Specialist bicycle insurers

How does contents insurance for bicycles work?

When including your bicycle under your contents insurance policy, you may have the option of choosing between ‘specified’ and ‘unspecified’ cover:

  • Specified cover. This type of insurance covers your bike for a specific value; you’ll need to provide a few details about the bike, including its make, model and price. This may cost more than unspecified cover.
  • Unspecified cover. With unspecified cover, your insurance company can cover your bike for a set value. If the unspecified cover doesn’t meet the full cost of replacing or repairing your bicycle, you’ll need to pay the rest of the cost out-of-pocket.

Inclusions and exclusions

What can you insure bicycles for?

What isn’t included in bicycle cover?

Premiums and claims

How much does insurance for bicycles cost?

How to make an insurance claim for your bicycle

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