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12 Jan 2021 13:57

Five Minutes of Eiffel Tower Power

Written by Kenneth Young

Find out how much power it takes to illuminate the Eiffel Tower lights and what could be powered from that energy instead. Our list includes mobile phones, televisions, electronic scooters, plus more!

16 Dec 2020 12:46

The global console wars

Written by James McCay

For decades gaming consoles have been competing for domination. We explore the popularity of Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo, focusing on online activity.

15 Dec 2020 11:37

Gym membership prices: Weighing it up on a global scale

Written by Matthew Keogh

Who pays the most money for a gym membership? Is it Japan or Israel? Perhaps it's Germany or Indonesia. Read on to discover how your country compares.

30 Nov 2020 15:19

The World’s Healthiest Countries

Written by Compare the Market

We looked at which countries are the healthiest by comparing a number of factors, such as vaccination rates, life expectancy, and risky habits (e.g. smoking and drinking alcohol).

30 Nov 2020 15:17

Roadkill hotspots

Written by Matthew Keogh

In this article, we reveal the most vulnerable animals in 10 selected countries, outline the factors that cause roadkill and list some collision-reducing tips.

30 Nov 2020 11:39

Cosmetic Countries

Written by Compare the Market

What the preferred cosmetic procedures that we’re searching for the most, and how does this vary around the world? We’ve used Google search data to find out!

30 Nov 2020 11:27

The Global Cost of Property

Written by Compare the Market

Earnings and house prices vary a lot from one country to another, so which work out as the most and least affordable to buy a home in?

3 Nov 2020 13:35

Influencer MD

Written by Compare the Market

Who are the world's most influential doctors on social media and why are they so popular? We look into the facts here.

30 Oct 2020 14:34

Touring the world from your couch: How popular is VR travel in 2020?

Written by Eliza Buglar

With worldwide lockdowns bringing travel to a standstill, 2020 hasn’t gone easy on global tourism. But what has lockdown done to tourism through virtual reality?

30 Oct 2020 13:39

The Ponzi Scheme turns 100

Written by Matthew Keogh

It's been 100 years since Charles Ponzi duped thousands of Americans. So, we've decided to look back at 10 of the largest Ponzi Schemes of all time.