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26 Aug 2021 09:36

How the other half drive: Sydney’s top motor brands revealed

Written by Sarah Orr

Sales data from Compare the Market that’s lifted the hood on the city’s favourite cars, revealing one brand's dominance on the roads.

a car driving down Great Ocean Road at sunset

5 Jul 2021 13:24

Which car models do Australians drive the furthest?

Written by James McCay

Using data insights from our customers, we take a look at which car models are clocking up the miles by driving more than 100,000kms per year.

Woman holding baby while refuelling car

14 Jul 2020 16:20

What’s the best day to buy petrol?

Written by Heonji Kim

Have you ever wondered when the best day to buy petrol is? Learn about petrol price cycles and ways to save big on fuel with these handy tips.

close up of cars parked close together

6 Jan 2020 13:56

Does the colour of your car affect insurance?

Written by James McCay

There are a lot of factors that can influence the cost of car insurance, including the colour of your vehicle. Learn more about how much of a difference it can make.

petrol bowser

20 May 2019 09:18

How long does petrol last before it expires?

Written by James McCay

How long does petrol last? Not forever. Expired fuel can actually damage your engine. Read on to learn more about safely storing fuel at home.

26 Mar 2019 16:06

How do road rules differ across Australia?

Written by Eliza Buglar

Road rules differ globally, but what about across Australia? While most rules are standard across the states and territories, some differences could catch interstate visitors unawares.

6 Dec 2016 01:49

Your car valuation checklist

Written by Alex Rappel

Do you know how much your car is worth? Knowing your car’s value is important for more than just selling your vehicle. Here's how to determine resale value.

28 Sep 2016 09:42

Does moving house affect your car insurance?

Written by Alex Rappel

If you move house, your address is now out of date on your car insurance policy. Does this mean your insurance is no longer valid? Not necessarily.

20 Jul 2016 01:19

Market Value & Agreed Value: What’s the difference?

Written by Alex Rappel

Should you take out an agreed value or market value car insurance policy? Here’s a quick and easy guide from to get you started.

toy car on coins representing car insurance excess

20 Jul 2016 01:11

Car insurance excess explained

Written by Alex Rappel

What is an excess, and when do you need to pay it? We’ve put together a short FAQ to run you through the process. Don't worry, it's not complicated!

1 Jul 2016 01:46

10 tips for being cool at the car auction

Written by Compare the Market

From picking the right auction to knowing when to walk; bag a bargain on your next car by buying it at auction with these ten tips.

1 Dec 2015 07:25

How to deal with dealer delivery

Written by Compare the Market

Avoid paying too much for your new car by negotiating your dealer delivery charges. We explain how you should go about doing this.