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a couple takes a selfie sitting in the back of their ute tray

22 Oct 2021 13:30

What are Australia’s favourite utes?

Written by James McCay

Utes are as Australian as kangaroos and koalas. Discover what the top utes among Compare the Market customers are, how they're used and more.

Petrol station

19 Oct 2021 13:45

Fuel prices hit a 13-year high but could still get higher

Written by William Jolly

National unleaded petrol prices have soared to their highest point in 13 years, at an average of 160.7 cents per litre.

19 Oct 2021 13:35

The most and least loved car brands on the internet

Written by Compare the Market

BMW, MINI, Tesla, Rolls-Royce. With so many brands to choose from, which is the most favoured throughout the world, and which brand do people like the least?

14 Oct 2021 09:38

The best countries for driving

Written by James McCay

Which nation has the best roads or cheapest motoring costs? What about congestion and road mortality rates? Join us as we take a look.

12 Oct 2021 14:56

Australia’s car crash calendar

Written by James McCay

Most road deaths occur at certain times of the year. Discover when most fatalities occur, what's causing it, and join us for a deep dive into the data.

12 Oct 2021 13:22

What’s the average cost of petrol in Australia?

Written by James McCay

Our Bill Shock Tracker survey found the average cost of petrol in Australia is $1,404 a year. Read more to see the data for your home state and age group.

12 Oct 2021 08:06

Will electric vehicles ever be more cost effective than their petrol counterparts?

Written by Hannah Norton

We take a look at electric vehicles and their petrol counterparts to see how long it takes for the financial benefit to make itself clear.

8 Oct 2021 09:29

Into the future: Will car insurance cover flying cars?

Written by James McCay

In a time when flying cars are becoming more science and less fiction, we ask, "will car insurance cover a flying car?" Read on to hear what the experts say.

Electric vs Petrol vs Hybrid Featured Image

6 Oct 2021 09:54

Electric vs petrol vs hybrid: What’s better value?

Written by James McCay

Electric cars are deemed cheaper to run but cost more to buy than petrol cars. We explore the running costs and emissions of a petrol, hybrid and electric vehicles over time.

car manufacturing feature image

6 Oct 2021 08:10

Which vehicle manufacturing industries were most affected throughout COVID-19?

Written by Nahima Kern

Car manufacturing took a global hit due to COVID-19 and doesn’t seem to have recovered yet. We can only wait and see.