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16 May 2022 14:00

Dangerous driving confessions

Written by Noémi Hadnagy

Many of us have had a quick bite at the wheel or changed songs on the highway, but how many of us have run a red light or driven under the influence? Compare the Market surveyed people to find out.

Electric Scooter

7 Apr 2022 13:36

Sick of high fuel costs? You could save hundreds by switching to an eScooter

Written by William Jolly

Motorists spending a small fortune on petrol could save over a thousand dollars a year by switching to an eScooter, according to new research by Compare the Market.

Most Popular EV Roadtrips

16 Mar 2022 14:12

EV-friendly road trip hotspots

Written by Compare the Market

From Route 66 to the Great Ocean Road and more, which are the most popular road trips according to Instagram, and how many can you complete in an electric car?

14 Mar 2022 10:31

Polished or Putrid: The Car Cleaning Conundrum

Written by Noémi Hadnagy

Our cars are essential to getting us from place to place, but how often do we clean them? Compare the Market surveyed people across America and Australia to find out.

Flooded cars

8 Mar 2022 15:57

What to do if your car has been flooded

Written by William Jolly, reviewed by Stephen Zeller

Following the devastating recent floods, Compare the Market is reminding car owners what they can do if they have suffered flood damage.

Young driver receiving keys to their first car

1 Mar 2022 15:26

Australia’s most popular ‘first car’ revealed

Written by James McCay

Buying your first car is a coming-of-age milestone. Pinning up the p-plates, filling the glove box with CDs and cassettes and rolling down windows to belt out your favourite song.Classics like the Corolla, the Commodore and Lancer may spring to...

21 Feb 2022 14:12

Drivers stall over road rule blindspots

Written by Noémi Hadnagy

Do we actually know our road rules? Compare the Market’s recent survey took a look at how well people know their road rules.

2022 Car Hire Index featured

16 Feb 2022 10:04

2022 Car Hire Index

Written by Compare the Market

We’ve looked at countries around the world to reveal the cheapest and most expensive countries to hire a car.

a woman smiling as she drives a car

8 Feb 2022 16:09

Will insurance bundling help you save money?

Written by Compare the Market

Will insurance bundling help you save money?

8 Feb 2022 16:09

Are you taking more road trips this year?

Written by Compare the Market

Are you taking more road trips this year?