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Sarah Orr

Sarah is an avid storyteller, passionate about improving financial literacy and helping Australians make informed choices with their money. Outside the newsroom, she enjoys cycling around Brisbane and snapping scenery on her camera.

Stories by Sarah Orr

David Koch Compare the Market

10 May 2024 13:47

‘Nearly twice the price’: Shock difference between grocery baskets

Written by Sarah Orr

David Koch said that was a huge saving for households battling the rising cost of living.

home loan heaven

29 Jan 2024 15:14

‘A match made in heaven’: Compare the Market expands its offering with new home loan service

Written by Sarah Orr

Home Loan Heaven offers a new way for Australians to compare, apply and settle a home loan, without the hassle of endless paperwork.

australian couple without solar comparing energy bills

9 Jan 2024 09:04

Pinpointing the pain: the Aussie homeowners facing the biggest repayment burden

Written by Sarah Orr

The growing wealth gap between people who purchased property before and after the pandemic has been laid bare, with new research from Compare the Market showing Aussies who bought at the market peak could be $671 worse off every month...

11 Sep 2023 08:30

Opportunity knocks for Andrew Winter as Compare the Market’s new in-house expert

Written by Sarah Orr, reviewed by Andrew Winter

Property guru Andrew Winter has become the latest voice to join Compare the Market’s team of experts, to help people take control of their mortgages and attain the great Australian dream of homeownership. 

Catriona Rowntree 2022 using Compare the Market Simples App

22 Aug 2023 12:19

“It was absolute hell”: Travel expert Catriona Rowntree shares her biggest travel nightmares (and how you can avoid them!)

Written by Catriona Rowntree, reviewed by Sarah Orr

Holidays are meant to be an escape from the problems and stress of everyday life but - with such high expectations - it can be especially hard when things don’t go to plan.

21 Aug 2023 11:03

What do you do if you arrive at your destination… but your bag doesn’t?

Written by Catriona Rowntree, reviewed by Sarah Orr

Catriona Rowntree is Compare the Market’s expert for all things travel. As one of Australia’s most travelled women, she is the perfect planning companion for your next holiday.

16 Aug 2023 06:00

Kochie appointed Compare the Market’s new Economic Director to support Aussies battling the cost of living crisis

Written by Sarah Orr

Australia’s favourite price comparison website, Compare the Market, has appointed David “Kochie” Koch as its new Economic Director to support families battling the cost of living crisis.

20 May 2022 10:40

More than half of first-time buyers need loan from Bank of Mum and Dad

Written by Sarah Orr

Parents who once promised $10 for household chores are now spending thousands to help their adult children break into the property market and taking on major financial risks.

11 Apr 2022 12:00

Money trouble now a daily stress for 1 in 5 Australians

Written by Sarah Orr

More than three quarters of Australians have been shocked by the cost of everyday expenses like fuel and power over the past three months according to Compare the Market’s latest Bill Shock Survey.

Buyers remorse

22 Feb 2022 08:30

Compromising lifestyle to purchase property is buyers’ biggest regret

Written by Sarah Orr

Nearly half of Australians experience buyer’s remorse after purchasing a property, according to new research from Compare the Market.

13 Jan 2022 11:16

Queensland crowned Australia’s top domestic destination for 2022

Written by Sarah Orr

Queensland is the top domestic travel destination for Australians in 2022, according to a new survey by Compare the Market.

5 Nov 2021 15:15

Buyers blow budget to break into surging market

Written by Sarah Orr

Over a third of buyers who purchased properties over past five years borrowed more money than they planned to, according to new figures from Compare the Market

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