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Sarah Orr

Sarah is an avid storyteller, passionate about improving financial literacy and helping Australians make informed choices with their money. Outside the newsroom, she enjoys cycling around Brisbane and snapping scenery on her camera.

[email protected]

Stories by Sarah Orr

1 Sep 2021 15:30

Vintage décor on a dime – Gen Z get the retro look for less

Written by Sarah Orr

Young Australians buying antiques on a budget have taken their treasure hunt online this year, as bigger households seek to clear old junk.

31 Aug 2021 13:21

Everyone needs good neighbours, but do we know them?

Written by Sarah Orr

Love thy neighbour? I hardly know her! New research from Compare the Market has revealed that nearly one in five Australians don’t know the people next door, with some going out of their way to avoid them altogether.

26 Aug 2021 09:36

How the other half drive: Sydney’s top motor brands revealed

Written by Sarah Orr

Sales data from Compare the Market that’s lifted the hood on the city’s favourite cars, revealing one brand's dominance on the roads.

29 Jul 2021 09:48

Safer streets could lead to insurance savings in lockdown

Written by Sarah Orr

Reduced levels of crime linked to lockdown may have a positive impact on insurance premiums, according to insurance experts at Compare the Market.

28 Jul 2021 11:53

Pricey purebred? A mongrel mutt could save you money on insurance

Written by Sarah Orr

We reveal the cheapest and most expensive pooches to insure and the popular purebred that tops the list.

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