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9 Oct 2020 08:23

Worrisome wives tales: six sayings from your parents that are false

A list of seven common old wives tales that are proven false, and some that are true.

9 Oct 2020 08:08

How the shape of sports cars has changed over a century

A video animation to show the evolution of how sports cars have changed over time.

8 Oct 2020 14:57

Research indicates common human foods could be lethal for pets

Research shows that many common human foods could be lethal for our furry friends.

28 Sep 2020 16:37

Private elective surgeries back on track but public waiting list times set to grow

Aussies may face even longer waiting list times for elective surgery across most state public hospitals. These waiting lists had already ballooned, following March-April’s temporary, nation-wide pause on non-urgent elective surgeries to help combat COVID-19.[1]CEO of Private Healthcare Australia, Dr...

24 Sep 2020 10:13

Fintech leader Compare the Market appoints Emma Alberici

Online insurance comparison website, Compare the Market Australia has appointed Emma Alberici as Chief Strategy, Government Relations and Communications Officer.

16 Sep 2020 11:03

One in ten people have deferred mortgage repayments, according to 2020 survey

The latest Financial Conscious Index from Compare the Market shows one in ten mortgage holders have deferred their payments. Find out what else FCI revealed.

15 Sep 2020 15:38

Older Millennials, younger Gen Xers are the most financially conscious in 2020

Find out how your generation ranked in our annual quiz! Did the Baby Boomers beat those pesky Millennials?

10 Sep 2020 13:43

Nearly 1 in 5 Australians suffer from hay fever

Did you know that hay fever is common health condition that affects millions of Australians all year round? Read on to learn more about hay fever.

9 Sep 2020 15:58

The ultimate guide to student accommodation

A comprehensive guide to the different types of student accommodation in Australia, including pros, cons and costs.

9 Sep 2020 13:25

A pink recession: COVID-19’s impact on women’s finances

Average scores for women are lower than men’s on the Financial Consciousness Index. With women already facing a pink recession, COVID-19 is making things worse.

26 Aug 2020 16:18

How a 1,000km/h high-speed train could change life as we know it

Research insights surrounding developing transport technologies suggest what high-speed trains could do to improve travel across the globe.

25 Aug 2020 15:45

3 in 4 parents support easing of health cover restrictions to keep kids on their policies longer

The Government is considering a proposal for dependant kids to stay on their parent’s health insurance policy until age 30. 3 in 4 parents support the move.