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25 Aug 2020 15:45

3 in 4 parents support easing of health cover restrictions to keep kids on their policies longer

Written by Abigail Koch

The Government is considering a proposal for dependant kids to stay on their parent’s health insurance policy until age 30. 3 in 4 parents support the move.

25 Aug 2020 10:36

8 innovative smart home security ideas to help protect your property

Written by Abigail Koch

Hundreds of thousands of Aussies experience home burglaries each year. Could smart home security solutions be an easy solution?

7 Aug 2020 15:04

Dental costs & COVID-19: ‘Perfect storm’ for Aussies’ teeth

Written by Renee Olsson

Dental costs and COVID-19 pose a worrying mix for Aussies’ oral health, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) and the Australian Dental Association (ADA). Read more.

3 Aug 2020 15:28

COVID-19 electricity demand in Australia falls, but slower than global average

Written by James McCay

Australia's National Energy Market (NEM) sees energy demand drop by 2%, while the global average decreases by 6%. Read more about the decreasing energy demand.

31 Jul 2020 17:37

Ski lift passes in high demand despite COVID-19 second wave

Written by Heonji Kim

Just before Victoria’s second wave, the demand for ski lift passes had soared with thousands queueing online to get their passes.The total number of Google searches for ‘lift passes’ and ‘ski passes’ (908 searches) were at an all time high...

29 Jul 2020 16:47

Half of Aussie mortgagors have no will – but where does that leave your assets?

Written by Abigail Koch

We all want to ensure our loved ones are cared for in the event that the unexpected occurs, but our new research reveals many of us have no will.

29 Jul 2020 16:22

Australia’s obesity ranking remains high, quarantine worsens habits

Written by Renee Olsson

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2020 report revealed Australia’s obesity ranking is still high, & quarantine has worsened some habits. Discover how this can impact Aussies & what’s being done.

22 Jul 2020 16:08

Cruise bookings still in demand as overseas travel to and from Australia falls

Written by Eliza Buglar

Carnival Corporation announces that cruise bookings for 2021 are still in demand as the ABS reveals that overseas travel to and from Australia has fallen.

15 Jul 2020 11:23

Regional house prices lure Aussies from the big city

Written by James McCay

Affordable regional house prices are luring Aussies from the big cities, as more Australian move from the capitals to regions. Read on to find out which regional towns Aussies are moving to, plus more.

8 Jul 2020 10:11

Homeowners cautioned about ‘underinsurance’ when considering the HomeBuilder grant

Written by James McCay

On 4 June 2020, the Prime Minister announced a new grant of $25,000 to encourage Australians to build or renovate homes.[1]However, our experts are encouraging anyone planning to take advantage of the new grant to consider the impact renovations will...

18 May 2020 13:29

51% of households not reducing energy usage in shutdown – even though 84% expect bigger bills

Written by Compare the Market

Tips to help save money on your energy bill while working from home

13 May 2020 12:30

Millions of Aussies working from home set to see their energy bills skyrocket

Written by Compare the Market

A quarter of residential electricity customers could be paying too much for their electricity because of their loyalty to their electricity retailer.