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What’s our number one goal? To help every Australian make better decisions when researching & buying products that they depend on.

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3 Nov 2020 13:35

Influencer MD

Written by Compare the Market

Who are the world's most influential doctors on social media and why are they so popular? We look into the facts here.

24 Sep 2020 10:13

Fintech leader Compare the Market appoints Emma Alberici

Written by Compare the Market

Online insurance comparison website, Compare the Market Australia has appointed Emma Alberici as Chief Strategy, Government Relations and Communications Officer.

24 Aug 2020 13:49

Reinventing a classic

Written by Compare the Market

Combining the past, present and future, we have taken some of the most loved classic cars and re-imagined them as modern vehicles.

31 Jul 2020 10:34

The simple guide to Australian food labels

Written by Compare the Market

Confused by food labels and packaging? Dietary information shouldn't require a degree to understand. We keep things simples and lift the lid on Australian food labels.

18 May 2020 13:29

51% of households not reducing energy usage in shutdown – even though 84% expect bigger bills

Written by Compare the Market

Tips to help save money on your energy bill while working from home

13 May 2020 12:30

Millions of Aussies working from home set to see their energy bills skyrocket

Written by Compare the Market

A quarter of residential electricity customers could be paying too much for their electricity because of their loyalty to their electricity retailer.

19 Nov 2019 14:22

New government changes make finding health insurance savings even easier

Written by Compare the Market

Change #1: The new tier systemAs of April 2020, all health insurers need to align their existing hospital policies into a new tier system: Gold, Silver, Bronze and Basic.With the new reforms, health funds must provide a minimum, standard level...

3 Oct 2019 09:16

Lost meerkats in case of mistaken identity

Written by Compare the Market

An important address from the desk of Aleksandr Orlov on why it pays to compare Peoples of Australia!Some time ago, a silly possum catcher named Barry mistook us - fine, distinguished meerkats - for possums.Smelly, noisy, unmanicured beasts who make noise...

16 Jul 2019 10:32

A complete guide to the history of Australian car manufacturing

Written by Compare the Market

The history of Australian car manufacturing dates back to the late 19th century, when horse-drawn carriages and steam trains were the norm for getting from A to B.

21 Jan 2019 10:28

Ways to avoid these top 7 international money transfer mistakes

Written by Compare the Market

Whether you’re sending money to family who live overseas, or you’re an online business owner needing to pay overseas suppliers; Australians are no strangers to international money transfers.But, with 2.4 million Aussies sending money overseas annually, and a fifth sending...

17 Sep 2018 13:57

Health insurance changes happening in 2019

Written by Compare the Market

Here's what you need to know about the most significant private health insurance reforms since 2007, as it happens.

31 Jul 2018 01:02

9 ultimate steps for planning your dream holiday

Written by Compare the Market

Make your holiday planning a breeze with our 13 ultimate steps to planning your dream holiday. This step-by-step guide highlights the most popular overseas travel destinations for Aussies, as well as what you need to know about your passport & visa among other factors. Start planning here!

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