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What’s our number one goal? To help every Australian make better decisions when researching & buying products that they depend on.

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26 Feb 2021 10:50

The Cost of Energy Around the World

Written by Compare the Market

Where in the world does it cost the most to carry out essential everyday tasks such as charging your mobile or using the tumble dryer?

10 Feb 2021 14:40

Dirtiest household essentials revealed

Written by Compare the Market

From shopping trollies to remote controls, phones, toilets and more; discover how dirty these everyday essentials really are. The results may surprise you...

28 Jan 2021 13:21

The Cost of Working From Home Around the World

Written by Compare the Market

What is the additional cost of working from home? We’ve looked at how some of these costs could stack up throughout the month and how they compare around the world.

21 Jan 2021 13:00

The Global L-Plates Index

Written by Compare the Market

We examined the costs of taking both your practical and theory tests around the world to see how the fees stack up.

21 Jan 2021 11:59

2021 Fuel Affordability Index

Written by Compare the Market

We’ve estimated the cost to fill a 42L tank of petrol in 37 countries around the world and calculated how that works out as a percentage of the average monthly wage.

30 Nov 2020 15:19

The World’s Healthiest Countries

Written by Compare the Market

We looked at which countries are the healthiest by comparing a number of factors, such as vaccination rates, life expectancy, and risky habits (e.g. smoking and drinking alcohol).

30 Nov 2020 11:39

Cosmetic Countries

Written by Compare the Market

What the preferred cosmetic procedures that we’re searching for the most, and how does this vary around the world? We’ve used Google search data to find out!

30 Nov 2020 11:27

The Global Cost of Property

Written by Compare the Market

Earnings and house prices vary a lot from one country to another, so which work out as the most and least affordable to buy a home in?

3 Nov 2020 13:35

Influencer MD

Written by Compare the Market

Who are the world's most influential doctors on social media and why are they so popular? We look into the facts here.

24 Sep 2020 10:13

Fintech leader Compare the Market appoints Emma Alberici

Written by Compare the Market

Online insurance comparison website, Compare the Market Australia has appointed Emma Alberici as Chief Strategy, Government Relations and Communications Officer.

24 Aug 2020 13:49

Reinventing a classic

Written by Compare the Market

Combining the past, present and future, we have taken some of the most loved classic cars and re-imagined them as modern vehicles.

31 Jul 2020 10:34

The simple guide to Australian food labels

Written by Compare the Market

Confused by food labels and packaging? Dietary information shouldn't require a degree to understand. We keep things simples and lift the lid on Australian food labels.

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