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What’s our number one goal? To help every Australian make better decisions when researching & buying products that they depend on.

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11 Oct 2021 15:29

Big spenders: The spending habits of Australia and America compared

Written by Compare the Market

Do you wonder if your spending habits are normal? Discover how much Americans and Australians save and spend each month, and how long their paycheck lasts.

Best country for parents_Feature

22 Sep 2021 09:47

The best places in the world to be a parent

Written by Compare the Market

From baby bonuses to employment support, we’ve listed the top countries in which to raise a family.

Household debt feature image

13 Sep 2021 11:39

Countries with the highest and lowest household debt & why

Written by Compare the Market

We take a look at who is in the most household debt around the world

8 Sep 2021 14:38

Real-life real estate: the cost of living in a TV location

Written by Compare the Market

Want to know how much it would cost to live in a Beverley Hills mansion like Lenore Osgood or a cabin in Vancouver like Virgin River's Mel? Find out here.

8 Sep 2021 10:36

Girl’s trip: The top city break destinations

Written by Compare the Market

From Barcelona to Calgary, Chicago to Amsterdam, we reviewed the metrics that matter to discover the best cities in the world for the perfect girl's trip.

Financially Stressed Countries

9 Jul 2021 09:58

Financially Stressed Countries

Written by Compare the Market

From making sure you have enough money coming in to pay the bills, covering the costs of living and even just making sure that you have a job, money can be one of the world’s biggest stressors. But which countries have things the worst?

Cartoon Supercars mobile

5 Jul 2021 10:42

Cartoon Supercars

Written by Compare the Market

From Homer’s Sedan in The Simpsons to The Onion Carriage in Shrek and more, discover how some of the top cartoon cars would look re-imagined as supercars.

Heartbreak States

25 Jun 2021 10:43

Heartbreak States: how does heartbreak in Australia compare to America?

Written by Compare the Market

With the average Australian suffering 2.44 heartbreaks, how does that compare with the US? And how can you effectively deal with grief? Find out more here.

power of your driving licence

24 Jun 2021 16:28

How powerful is your driving licence?

Written by Compare the Market

The world's most powerful driving licences ranked by international requirements, restrictions and re-tests [Map]. How far will your licence take you?

Musician's Mansions

27 May 2021 10:41

Musician’s Mansions

Written by Compare the Market

How much into your music are you? See if you can spot all of the clues and match the world-famous famous musician or band to their mansion here. Good luck!

A Skyline of Waste - Biggest Producers of Waste

14 May 2021 09:08

A Skyline of Waste

Written by Compare the Market

Discover which countries generate the most plastic waste, and which have the highest waste per capita, as well as the ones with the best recycling schemes.

Pooch Perfect Pals in Cars mobile

13 Apr 2021 11:49

Pooch Perfect Cars

Written by Compare the Market

Do you and your pooch enjoy long car rides together, or do they get anxious? Discover the best places for them to sit, and tips to keep them happy and relaxed.

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