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Megan Birot

Megan considers herself a savvy saver. She aims to make finance fun and inspire people to make decisions best suited to their budget and lifestyle. Her number one tip is: “saving doesn’t have to be boring, get creative and reap the rewards.” Megan has a background in journalism and particularly loves to write about health and money. She hopes to one day pen a best-selling book but the topic is a well-guarded secret.

Stories by Megan Birot

18 Jul 2019 09:03

Living with diabetes: ‘I’ve literally been asked, ‘why aren’t you fat?’

Written by Megan Birot

Every five minutes an Aussie is diagnosed with diabetes. To coincide with National Diabetes Week, we spoke to Melanie Clarke about the reality of living with diabetes for almost 20 years.

11 Jun 2019 08:37

Health insurance in your 20s? Two different outlooks from young Aussies

Written by Megan Birot

Taking out health insurance might not seem like a priority when you’re young and healthy, so we've asked two young Aussies to share their different perspectives on the value of health cover in your 20s.

20 May 2019 09:14

9 in 10 Aussies more likely to buy Aussie goods

Written by Megan Birot

In a time where over three-quarters of the goods in our shopping trolleys are made overseas, Aussies are increasingly looking to buy products made at home. So, what are the benefits of buying Australian made?

man using a mobile phone sitting against the couch

9 Apr 2019 11:35

To buy a mobile phone outright or on a plan?

Written by Megan Birot

We all enjoy the feeling of buying a new phone. But don't let your excitement get in the way of savings. So, is it better to buy a phone outright or on a plan? Find out here.

27 Mar 2019 08:35

What are your rights in case of defects in your apartment?

Written by Megan Birot

It's the fastest fastest-growing form of property ownership in Australia but rising demand and fast turnaround of apartment buildings is causing a surge in defects. This is leaving owners of strata titles wondering what protections are in place against this downside of the strata property boom.

12 Mar 2019 09:19

Why Aussies are home staging in a slowing market

Written by Megan Birot

Faced with a slowing property market, Aussies are staging their homes to attract more buyers & higher sale prices. Discover more, including cheap styling hacks.

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