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Matthew Keogh

When he's not writing, Matthew is usually found in the great outdoors, playing his guitar or cheering on the mighty bombers in the AFL. He has a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and has previously written for various agencies and publications. Matthew loves writing about big ideas in clear and simple prose.

Stories by Matthew Keogh

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10 Jun 2022 09:51

Do pet surgery costs rival human surgery costs?

Written by Matthew Keogh

Do you ever wonder if medical bills cost more for ourselves or our beloved pets? We've researched five common surgeries and compared human surgery costs against pet surgery costs.

7 Dec 2021 14:00

14 Strange Beneficiaries of a Will

Written by Matthew Keogh

Have you ever wondered who's the weirdest beneficiary of a will? Wonder no more, we've compiled a list of 14 strange beneficiaries that'll leave you bewildered.

19 Nov 2021 10:01

Reach age 65 and live longer

Written by Matthew Keogh

You may live longer than first thought, that's according to recent OECD data. In this article we compare life expectancy at birth vs life expectancy at age 65.

The life expectancy of elite athletes

18 Nov 2021 11:11

The life expectancy of elite athletes across different sports

Written by Matthew Keogh

In an investigation, we reveal the life expectancy of elite athletes across different sports. We also discuss the link between sport and increased mortality.

16 Nov 2021 11:11

Is the fashion industry tearing apart at the seams?

Written by Matthew Keogh

Apart from fabric and stitching, what’s really in a t-shirt? We’ve researched the fashion industry and identified the main ethical issues.

Green space Featured image

19 Oct 2021 09:34

The greenest cities in the world

Written by Matthew Keogh

We’ve identified the greenest cities in the world and discovered which cities boast the largest area of green space per person.

Healthy couple

8 Oct 2021 09:44

Bupa boss says health funds need to further incentivise young people

Written by Matthew Keogh

Bupa Managing Director, Emily Amos says health funds need to further incentivise younger people to take out private health insurance.

Health care Australia

3 Sep 2021 10:14

Australia’s health care system among the best in the world

Written by Matthew Keogh

Australia’s health system has been ranked third among 11 of the world’s wealthiest countries, according to a new international report.

30 Aug 2021 09:38

The most organ transplants in the world

Written by Matthew Keogh

Which country completes the most organ transplants? And where does your country rank? We crunched the numbers for member countries of the OECD.

woman with depression

23 Aug 2021 14:27

Rising mental health claims among young Australians

Written by Matthew Keogh

Given the current stresses within our society and the ongoing pandemic, there is no doubt that young Australians are struggling with their mental health.

social media spending

6 Aug 2021 15:41

How social media and apps are changing the way we spend our money

Written by Matthew Keogh

Australians are spending more of their discretionary income via social media and apps. Learn more about this upward moving trend.

20 Jul 2021 10:23

The History of Women at the Olympic Games

Written by Matthew Keogh

We've created an article that documents the history of women at the Olympic Games, the leading medal winners and some of the most inspiring moments.

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