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Matthew Keogh

When he's not writing, Matthew is usually found in the great outdoors, playing his guitar or cheering on the mighty bombers in the AFL. He has a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and has previously written for various agencies and publications. Matthew loves writing about big ideas in clear and simple prose.

matthew.k[email protected]

Stories by Matthew Keogh

Health care Australia

3 Sep 2021 10:14

Australia’s health care system among the best in the world

Written by Matthew Keogh

Australia’s health system has been ranked third among 11 of the world’s wealthiest countries, according to a new international report.

woman with depression

23 Aug 2021 14:27

Rising mental health claims among young Australians

Written by Matthew Keogh

Given the current stresses within our society and the ongoing pandemic, there is no doubt that young Australians are struggling with their mental health.

social media spending

6 Aug 2021 15:41

How social media and apps are changing the way we spend our money

Written by Matthew Keogh

Australians are spending more of their discretionary income via social media and apps. Learn more about this upward moving trend.

27 Jul 2021 09:38

The most organ transplants in the world

Written by Matthew Keogh

Which country completes the most organ transplants? And where does your country rank? We crunched the numbers for member countries of the OECD.

20 Jul 2021 10:23

The History of Women at the Olympic Games

Written by Matthew Keogh

We've created an article that documents the history of women at the Olympic Games, the leading medal winners and some of the most inspiring moments.

roadkill hotspots from around the world

10 May 2021 15:17

Roadkill hotspots

Written by Matthew Keogh

In this article, we reveal the most vulnerable animals in 10 selected countries, outline the factors that cause roadkill and list some collision-reducing tips.

2 Mar 2021 11:06

The worlds longest work week

Written by Matthew Keogh

Do the French outwork Mexicans? Well, wonder no more because the results are in. We list the 35 OECD countries, number of hours they work, plus much more.

young couple with energy efficient appliances

19 Feb 2021 08:21

Are energy-efficient appliances worth it?

Written by Matthew Keogh

Do you want to save on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint? Read on to find out if energy-efficient appliance worth it.

4 Feb 2021 10:40

Tackling mental health post COVID-19

Written by Matthew Keogh

In the wake of COVID-19, we’ve investigated how the 37 OECD countries are tackling mental health by looking at a number of factors, such as medical assistance.

13 Jan 2021 09:31

The leading online retail websites in the world by revenue

Written by Matthew Keogh

Have you ever wondered who are the world leaders of online retail? We break down the top ten and give further insights into global e-commerce.

pool tips

18 Dec 2020 15:31

3 pool maintenance tips: save money and swim easy this summer

Written by Matthew Keogh

Get your pool summer ready with our three pool maintenance tips. Spend less money, time and effort on your pool - and more time swimming - this summer. Find out more.

15 Dec 2020 11:37

Gym membership prices: Weighing it up on a global scale

Written by Matthew Keogh

Who pays the most money for a gym membership? Is it Japan or Israel? Perhaps it's Germany or Indonesia. Read on to discover how your country compares.

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