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1 Oct 2020 07:22

Cruel or kind? Owners of flat-faced dogs with health problems would still recommend breed

A new study shows many owners of flat-faced dogs would still recommend the breeds despite serious health problems. Read on for more information.

25 Jan 2019 09:53

How to keep your pets cool in summer

During these blistering summer days, our pets will be feeling the heat just as much as we do. To help you take care of your beloved pet, we've put together a guide of our top tips to keep your animals cool during hot Australian summers. Read on to learn more.

14 Jan 2019 10:57

A tail of trends: Are you across the latest fur fads?

Whether you have a cat or dog, Aussies treat their pets as if they were part of the family. But how far do we go when it comes to spoiling our pet pals and assimilating them into our lives?

3 Oct 2018 08:10

How to comfort your pet this storm season

Discover how you can comfort your pet and deal with their storm anxiety during bad weather. From pet swaddling and desensitisation to distraction and cozy nooks, these tips and tricks can help keep your best friend calm and reassured during storm season.

27 Oct 2017 15:59

Pet cover may soon match the rate of private health cover

Aussies love their pets and money is no object when it comes to their health. New research reveals 54% of pet owners have, or would consider, pet insurance.

27 Mar 2017 11:17

Pet insurance on the rise as more than 50% of Aussie pet owners admit they treat pets like family

Leading insurance comparison service releases new research that reveals the crazy love Aussies have for their pets.