Lifetime Health Cover loading calculator

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A guide to Lifetime Health Cover loading calculators

Updated 21 March, 2024
Written by Joshua Malin
Reviewed by Steven Spicer

What is Lifetime Health Cover loading?

The Lifetime Health Cover loading is an Australian Government initiative that encourages Australians to take out a private hospital insurance policy earlier in life. This, in turn, takes pressure off the public health system.

By using a Lifetime Health Cover calculator, you can predict the loading percentage you’ll owe each month. When you talk to one of our health insurance experts over the phone, they can help you figure out what your LHC loading is expected to be and look for a policy that’s suitable for you.

Lifetime Health Cover loading exemptions

You don’t have to pay the loading in certain circumstances, but these only apply to a small number of Australians.

For example, if you’re overseas at the time of the LHC deadline, you have one year to take out hospital cover when you finally return home. If you do not take out private hospital cover during your one-year grace period, you’ll have to pay LHC if you later decide to get covered.

Additionally, the following groups of people will not need to pay:

  • New migrants, provided they take out cover at least 12 months after being eligible for Medicare
  • Veterans who hold a Department of Veterans Affairs Gold Card
  • Members of the Australian Defence Force
  • Anyone born before 1934

Lifetime Health Cover loading explained

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