My first bloggings



Hello, my name is Sergei (that is me with ice cream. mmmm yummy!!) I live in Meerkovo, Russia and work in IT.

Maintain computermabob is quite stress, so I decide to relieve thoughts through bloggings.

I am interest in the sharp edge of technology such as portable floppy disc drives, cables and Walkingmen. In spare time I like to play Tetris, read “Minidisc Digest” and listen to the Dolly Partons.

Thank you for visiting my blog, visitor!

About Sergei, Head of IT

Sergei is very old. It is difficult to date him exactly, but I estimate him no less than 77. His career span many decades, but has now reach new height with working for What Sergei lack in social skill, he make up in understanding of the Computermabob. As well as being Head of IT, Sergei is also Head of My Tea. I like it milky.