Journeys of Courageousness filming

After my hospital holiday, Mr. Aleksandr decide to up the ants and make movie about ancestor journey. I did filmings and moving of equipment, while Mr Aleksandr get spa treatment and direct. Telling meerkats what to do is one of his favourite hobbies, so job come naturals.

Many exciting things happen during filmings:

  • Mr. Aleksandr is method actor, so had to get in character for desert scene by practice lying on beach. We play 19 hour of “eye spy” to get there.
  • On set in Kalahari, I found scorpion. It spiky at first but delicious. Unfortunatelies my tongue swell up after and could not speak lines for three days.
  • Limo kept getting stuck in sand dunes and I kept having to dig out. Sand storms also make red itchy spots under fur.
  • When we film on boat, Mr. Aleksandr try to re-enact Titanic scene. I no keen to be Rose.
  • Boat scene did not agree with my lunch and soon there cricket korma curry all over waves.
  • Mr. Aleksandr says directing me is like directing a blob of cheese. Is that what they mean when they say “you are what you eat”. But would that make me beetle?

About Sergei, Head of IT

Sergei is very old. It is difficult to date him exactly, but I estimate him no less than 77. His career span many decades, but has now reach new height with working for What Sergei lack in social skill, he make up in understanding of the Computermabob. As well as being Head of IT, Sergei is also Head of My Tea. I like it milky.