Travelling with solar panel

Out here in the outbacks, I getting good use from solar panel. Solar panel is cut edge of technologies that harness power of sun to help cook tin of beans at campsite. All I do is plug panel into Mr Aleksandr’s plane, then 72 hours later I have enough energy for watch two whole episodes of Sean Bean romancing ladies in ‘Sharpe’ betamax. Is like live in future! I have not seen such technologies since days work on ‘Meer’ space program. However, although good if you are camp in bright sunny place, if you are camp in Russia then I suggest bring a couple of hundred spare batteries. Otherwise you watch no Sean Bean and eat your beans cold.

Sergei Outback

About Sergei, Head of IT

Sergei is very old. It is difficult to date him exactly, but I estimate him no less than 77. His career span many decades, but has now reach new height with working for What Sergei lack in social skill, he make up in understanding of the Computermabob. As well as being Head of IT, Sergei is also Head of My Tea. I like it milky.