Doctorkat in the house?

For last few days Oleg has suffer the sniffles. We think he may have the Meerflu. I told Mr Aleksandr he needed extra blanket when go outside – when you take Oleg for walk in only 8 layers you are ask for trouble!
Anyway, Oleg is have many symptoms include the cutest tiny little sneezes, loss of fur colour, never ending runny snout and fever so hot he nearly melt thermometer. There are other symptoms too that involve various baby body fluids, but I will not describe those just in case you are in middle of dinner.
We have try all classic Orlov family remedy to improve his health, like hold bowl of steam under snout or feed him bowl of homemade cockroach soup, but he was still make his sneezes all night long.. Mr Aleksandr suggest Oleg hold breath or stand on head. He not seem to understand Meerflu and hiccups are two different thing. Is there anyone out there who have sensible suggestion for bring the colour back into Oleg’s fur?

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