Teething Terror

This week Oleg has been teething. Teething meerpups can chew through just about anythings and, as I know from personal experience, cause permanent plumbings damage.

Over past week I have learnt some invaluables lesson! Always keep teething meerpup away from electricals, stray wires are very temptings for any teething meerpup and you don’t wants any harm coming to your precious little gadgetmabobs!

I also realise that Oleg make a lot less noise when he has somethings to chew. I give him clean and safe chewy toys like sticks, branches, and large rocks. In fact, since I tucked Oleg into bed with teething rock I haven’t heard peep out of him, he must be fast asleep…Right?…

Hopefully I’ll be backs next week with my bloggings, that’s if Oleg hasn’t chewed through computermabob by then!

Oleg is teething

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