Thailand Map For Aussies

Picture spellbinding sunsets, unspoilt beaches, flavoursome cuisine, heritage-listed sites and a party atmosphere out of this world. There’s a reason why Thailand is a favourite holiday destination among Aussies. Use our extensive travel guide to explore 9 of the most captivating locations, highlighting the top things to see and do.

We’ve taken the liberty to translate each experience into Aussie slang to make you natives feel at home when travelling across the ditch. So, if you want to find out what makes Thailand a ‘pearla’ of a holiday, then get cracking into this list.

Lookin’ for a holiday with the whole shebang? We reckon it’s time to crack the whip and give Thailand a whirl. Picture a truck load of watering holes, tucker shops and bonza sights that are the best thing since sliced bread.

Whether you’re keen to veg out in your togs or you want to be flat chat like a frog in a sock, Thailand delivers the goods.

Why not take a gander and go make a bird out of it? Not only do we reckon it’s a ripper place to do stuff all, it’s also a pearler spot to av’ a go out on the water or go exploring with the nippers.

Have a gawk at our list, see what tickles your fancy, jot down a few plans and Bob’s your uncle… you’re in for a treat.

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