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Compare the Market spokespeople

Rod Attrill

Rod Attrill is General Manager of Banking at Compare the Market, one of Australia’s leading insurance, energy and personal finance comparison services. Rod joined Compare the Market after holding leadership roles in the banking and lending sector where he served since 1997. He has a wealth of experience, applying his knowledge to grow the personal finance products and services on Compare the Market’s comparison panel today.

Abigail Koch

Abigail Koch is spokesperson for one of Australia’s most well-known comparison services, Abigail has been a media commentator on household budgeting and finances for the last four years. She is a contributor to’s MoneySaverHQ and regularly appears on the Today Show and Sunrise to share her money-saving tips and advice with consumers.

For media enquiries and interviews or if you have any questions regarding the financial consciousness index and would like to know more, please contact Hannah Twiggs on the details below:

Hannah Twiggs, Public Relations Executive
M: 0431 511 362
P: 07 3377 8879