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Don’t know what you don’t know (<35)

If you’re in this category then it means you’re at the lower end of the Financial Consciousness spectrum. You don’t necessarily “know what you don’t know” and without a little bit of help, it could make it difficult for you to improve your financial outcomes. You have a basic understanding of financial literacy concepts, but may find it hard to apply this understanding to your financial decisions and planning. The most important thing you can do to improve your financial situation is to be more proactive. We’ve developed a handy book to help you take this step. Chapters One and Two in particular talk about how to be more proactive with your money to move from a Financially Dire situation into a more Financially Well situation. There are also some useful exercises that can help motivate you to unlock your financial dreams.

It’s a blur (35-44)

If you’re in this category then it means that your financial understanding and how you can improve your financial position is a bit of a blur. The fact you know that you could do better is a great first step. The next step should be for you to read our handy book on how to improve your financial situation. It’s full of useful exercises and tips to help you realise what you’re missing out on, where you’re falling short when it comes to managing your finances, and how you can do things to achieve bigger and better financial dreams.

Financially Conscious (45-54)

Congratulations – you are financially conscious! You have a decent financial capability and you are willing to improve your financial position when it comes to matters of the hip pocket. Importantly, you know that you are the master of your financial outcomes. But it’s not all roses! In order to move up the ranks and become Financially Enlighted, try reading our useful eBook. It’s full of practical exercises and tips to help you realise what you’re missing out on, where you’re falling short, and how you can do things better to help you realise your financial dreams.

Rising up the ranks (55-69)

Keep up the good work! You’re rising up the ranks of financial consciousness, and have scored well on financial capability and willingness to make a change. It’s likely that you make financial goals and plans and importantly stick to them! You’re also proactive when it comes to financial matters, and have the capacity to acquire new financial knowledge and reflect on how this influences your financial decision making. You are nailing it, but there’s always room for improvement! Try reading our useful eBook, to help you take the next step to Financial Enlightenment.

Enlightened (>70)

Ahhhhh… can you hear the angels singing?! You are at the peak of Financial Consciousness, and have some seriously impressive control over your financial outcomes, capability, willingness and sophistication. You know the importance of following wider economic changes and have a solid plan in place for a financially well future. You are informed, proactive and savvy with your finances. Even though you’re at the top of your game, you can always learn more (and we bet you’d enjoy it)! So, check out our handy eBook, which can help you on your journey to financial nirvana.

So what do these scores mean?

55 Your score

Don’t know what they don’t know (<35)
It’s a blur (35-45)
Financially Conscious (45-55)
Rising up the ranks (55-70)
Savvy and enlightened (>70)
48 Average Australians score
Source: Deloitte Access
Your score
Average Australians score
Don’t know what they don’t know
(12% of Australians)
It’s a blur
(21% of Australians)
Financially Conscious
(27% of Australians)
Rising up the ranks
(31% of Australians)
Savvy and enlightened
(9% of Australians)

Source: Deloitte Access

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