The best holiday road trips in the world

James McCay

Dec 21, 2023

A road trip with family or friends is a classic recipe for a holiday adventure. You can view beautiful landscapes, see historic sites and famous attractions or hidden gems as you explore with your loved ones.

The thing is, there are so many incredible journeys to take out there, so which one should you choose?

As experts in car insurance and understanding the importance of planning ahead, we decided to take a look at iconic road trips across the world.

Before you pack your bags in the car however, don’t forget to review your insurance needs! For example, if you’re hitting the backroads or going on a long journey, you might need car insurance or roadside assistance to help keep you moving if things go wrong. It’s also worth looking at the road conditions, terrain and weather so you are prepared.

Take a look at our curated selection of holiday road trips from across the world. We compared them based on length, the number of motels and petrol stations, and their popularity on social media.

Here’s what we found.

“The thing is, there are so many incredible journeys to take out there, so which one should you choose?”

Best holiday road trips index

Road trip


Length (KM)

Refills required

Instagram posts


Petrol stations

Index score

Route 66USA3,4634.662,167,1945491167.16
Ruta 40Argentina5,1946.99262,0436101276.69
Pula to DubrovnikCroatia7130.963,891,020121796.66
Southern Utah National Park CircuitUSA7641.0339,4852231375.94
Arosa to ZermattSwitzerland2440.331,464,317159205.86
Great Ocean RoadAustralia5500.741,470,25610875.14
Ring RoadIceland1,3221.7815,334169725.08
The Garden RouteSouth Africa2010.274,797358345.02
The Carretera AustralChile1,2401.67523,37680205.00
Blue Ridge ParkwayUSA7551.02690,79540104.75
Amalfi DriveItaly500.074,528741154.75
Transfăgărășan HighwayRomania1510.20168,30711474.64
North Coast 500Scotland8301.12164,45919354.14
Geiranger to TrollstigenNorway1450.20372,2392064.11
Venus Line NaganoJapan760.105,54111473.94
Cabot TrailCanada2980.40110,3522273.61
Panorama RouteSouth Africa1800.2458,090912.83
Great St Bernard PassItaly/Switzerland2300.311,202542.11

Road-tripping across Australia? Make sure you check your car insurance

If you’re an Australian planning a holiday road trip down the Great Ocean Road, the Nullarbor Crossing or Grand Pacific Drive, then it’s important to check your car insurance before you go.

Compare the Market’s General Manager of General Insurance, Adrian Taylor, notes that having comprehensive cover doesn’t always mean you have Roadside Assistance.

“A common misconception is that comprehensive car insurance includes roadside assistance. However, while some policies may include it, others do not, and you’ll need to buy it separately. Having roadside assistance can really help get you moving again if there is a break down,” says Taylor.

Taylor notes that different levels of cover can each have their own benefits for people planning a road trip.

“Drivers should compare and weigh up the benefits of other kinds of car insurance. For example, comprehensive car insurance can include emergency accommodation or transport if you have an accident and your car is no longer drivable, which can be invaluable if you’re far from home in an unfamiliar place. Third Party Fire and Theft may cover emergency accommodation or transport if your car is stolen while road tripping and you need to extend your motel stay,” Taylor adds.

“Make sure you view the details in the Product Disclosure Statement to know exactly what your policy covers.”


To calculate the rankings, we gathered data from some famous road trips across the world. For each data point, the road trip was given a score out of 10, with 0 being the worst and 10 being the best, in relation to the other road trips. These five scores were then averaged to get a final index score. Those particular data points and how they were scored are listed below.

  • Length: the length of the road trip in kilometres, according to Google Maps. The higher the length the better the score out of 10.
  • Number of refills: by using the length of the road trip and using a 2023 Toyota Corolla with a fuel tank of 49.97L and average fuel efficiency of 14.88km per litre, we calculated how many refills would be required. The fewer the number of refills, the higher the score out of 10.
  • Instagram posts: the number of tagged posts for that road trip on Instagram as of 01/11/2023. Note that for some road trips the figure is based on combined posts for specific cities (Pula to Dubrovnik, Arosa to Zermatt and Geiranger to Trollstigen). The higher the number of tagged posts, the higher the score out of 10.
  • Number of motels: the number of listed motels along or nearby the road trip route on Google maps, as of 31/10/2023. The higher the number of motels, the higher the score out of 10.
  • Number of petrol stations: the number of listed petrol stations along or nearby the road trip route on Google maps, as of 31/10/2023. The higher the number of motels, the higher the score out of 10.