Most Popular EV Roadtrips

Does car insurance cover your electric vehicle if it runs out of juice?

Hannah Norton

Mar 16, 2022

Sure, flying is a great way to get to your destination quickly, but don’t overlook the benefits of travelling by car! Preparing for a road trip feels like such an adventure (especially when you’re curating the perfect playlist and packing the right snacks), and you get to see so many more sights than you would have done if you were travelling by plane.

If you’re in need of an adventure this year, look no further! The car insurance experts at Compare the Market have compiled a list of the most popular road trips around the world by analysing Instagram posts and hashtags.

Not only that, if you want to make your trip as sustainable as possible by travelling in an electric vehicle (EV), we’ve also included the number of charging points available across each road trip featured on our list, and how many times you’ll need to charge your car to complete your trip.

But before you head off on your adventure, make sure you have an appropriate car insurance policy in place. While the routes included in this list have a decent number of EV chargers along the way, it’s best to be prepared in the unfortunate event you run out of juice. While this may not be covered by your car insurance (roadside assistance is typically your best solution), you could be covered if you get in an accident while waiting for roadside assistance to come to your aid.

You could also be at higher risk of being involved in a car accident if you’re driving in an area that you’re unfamiliar with, which is certainly likely while on a road trip! Now, knowing the benefits of having a car insurance policy in place before embarking on any vehicular journey, you should also be sure to check the details of your policy in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), as inclusions, exclusions and restrictions can vary between products.

With that being said, let’s explore some of the best EV-friendly road trips for your next big adventure!

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is the most EV friendly road trip in the world

Amalfi Coast features the largest number of EV chargers per kilometre than any other trip on the list, with 1.55 chargers per kilometre and 99 chargers in total. You’ll need the least number of charges on our road trip list to complete the trip, at just 0.11. Stretching 64 km, you can either start in Sorrento or at the other end in Vietri sul Mare. You’ll pass through Positano with its picturesque steep hill cliffs adorned with pretty pastel houses; Amalfi, where you can while the hours away sipping on lemon spritzes; and Ravello, with its jaw-dropping cliffside gardens. What’s more, the Amalfi coast is the most popular road trip on the list, with over 3 million Instagram posts.

In second place is the popular strip of California highway on the coast, Big Sur. The coastal trek with dramatic waterfalls, beaches, cliffs and dunes throughout this route make it an ideal road trip. This California coastal drive has so many sights to see, including San Simeon and Carmel Highlands. There are 78 EV chargers along the way, but you’ll only need to charge your car 0.23 times across the whole trip.

The Transfagarasan road trip in Romania comes next, with 145,222 Instagram posts and less than one full charge (0.28) needed to complete the route with an EV. The path snakes through the mountains and has lots of photo opportunities, including the Balea Waterfall and Poenari Citadel. If you have the time, rather than heading to Dracula’s Castle in Brasov, drive a little bit further out to Peles Castle. It’s much more impressive and is beautifully decorated inside! With 38 chargers in total, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to charge your car.

Australia’s Great Ocean Road is in fourth position, which starts in Torquay and ends in Warrnambool. Featuring dramatic cliffs, an abundance of wildlife and a variety of surfing spots, it’s a road trip you’ll never forget. What’s more, in order to complete this 237 km scenic road trip, you’d need just 0.39 charges, which you can do at any of the 69 charging stations along the way.

The Atlantic Highway in England rounds up the top five with 298 EV chargers available across its route. With awe-inspiring views and scenic villages dotted along the way, the Atlantic Highway sits between the border of Devon and the most north-eastern corner of Cornwall. Given that the journey would require 0.48 charges, it’s a perfectly accessible trip for EV drivers.

Located in the midwest part of the Norwegian coastline, with curvy road dips and arches over the brutal waves of the Norwegian Sea, is the Atlantic Road, which takes the sixth place on the list. Across this route, there are 84 available EV chargers, making it an accessible road trip for EV drivers, especially given that only 0.51 charges are required.

The Romantic Road in Germany takes the seventh place, with 160 chargers available along the 338 kilometre route. In total, EV drivers would need to charge their vehicles 0.56 times along the journey. Crossing the southern provinces of Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria, the biggest highlight on many traveller’s trips is Neuschwanstein; a gothic fairy-tale castle nestled high in the mountains, it’s said to be the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle. Along the way, you’ll get to stop off at several charming Alpine villages with pretty pastel chalets.

In eighth place is the popular Scottish road trip NC500, with 1.18 charges needed to complete the route with an electric vehicle. NC500 is a circular route spanning 708 km. And with 349,456 Instagram posts, it’s a popular route, featuring rugged coastal scenery, imposing mountains, clear beaches and quaint fishing villages. The journey features nearly 100 EV charging stations, making it a great choice for EV drivers.

Modelled after America’s legendary Route 66, South Africa’s own version, Route 62, comes in ninth place with 27 available EV chargers. This iconic old highway, which varies in landscape and encompasses soaring mountain paths, can be a great option for EV travellers with just over 3 charges needed to complete the journey.

Most Popular EV Roadtrips

Route 66 and Argentina’s Ruta 40 are the least EV friendly road trips on the list

Coming second from last on the list is the iconic Route 66. Stretching from Chicago to LA, this 3,415 km expanse is featured in 1,958,773 Instagram posts. It’s definitely worth taking your time on this trip, as there are so many sights to see, from the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas to the Milk Bottle Grocery in Oklahoma City, which is now a chic Vietnamese eatery. You can also visit Arizona’s Petrified Forest along the way, before ending your trip at the Santa Monica pier. Of course, given the distance you’ll be covering, you’ll need to charge your car several times (5.67 to be precise), but there are 89 chargers in total, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to do so.

Rounding out the top 11 is the only Latin American road trip to make the list: Argentina’s Ruta 40. It’s also the longest on the list at 4,912 km (and it’s actually one of the largest in the world!), but logistically, it can be challenging to complete with an electric car as you’d need to charge your car at least eight times. However, there are 51 available chargers along the route, so it’s certainly a feasible journey. However, it’s one of the most stunning road trips in the world. It crosses multiple provinces (including Santa Cruz, Mendoza and San Juan) and there are lots of breath-taking sights to see, including Bariloche, which features winding rivers and jagged mountains, and Los Alerces National Park, which is home to a temperate rainforest.

Wherever you choose to go on a road trip, an electric car can help you get there more sustainably! Whether you opt for one of Instagram’s most popular road trips or want to discover an unbeaten path, the choice is all yours!


We collated data from various sources/articles to determine the most well-known road trips around the world. In order to choose the most popular ones, we’ve ranked them by using the number of Instagram posts for each route’s hashtag on Instagram.

We then put each route on Google Maps to find out the total distance of each road trip, both in miles and km, and the approximate number of available EV chargers along the route. The range of the most sold electric vehicle of 2020 (Tesla Model 3 with 374 miles) was then used to see how many charges would be needed if travelling each road trip.

The duration of the road-trip was calculated directly from Google Maps, as it considers traffic conditions and local speed limits while tracking the actual distance between the starting and end point of the road-trip.

All data was compiled and calculated on 25 January 2022.


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