Used Car Demand Report 2024

The most searched pre-owned models globally

Henry Man

Apr 3, 2024

The used vehicle market has spiked in recent years due to supply constraints on new cars causing extended waiting times.

Choosing to purchase a pre-owned car could allow buyers to skip the queue or potentially save some money.

As car insurance comparison experts, we uncovered the used models with the most interest – indicated by global online search volume.

Most in demand used cars globally

Car headlight with blue tint

American and Japanese branded used vehicles are most in demand globally, despite the rapid rise of Chinese carmakers and well-established European and South Korean badges.

Used examples of the American Jeep Wrangler off-road SUV had the most interest, followed by the Mexico-made Toyota Tacoma truck, and Japanese-badged Honda Civic hatchback and sedan.

Meanwhile, the Tesla Model 3 sedan was the most sought after used electric car and edged out the venerable Toyota Camry petrol-engined sedan.

As per consumer trends, SUVs dominate the list with the higher-riding wagon body type making up 28 of the 50 most searched used cars internationally.

RankUsed Make & ModelGlobal Annual Search Volume Average
1Jeep Wrangler536,200
2Toyota Tacoma531,000
3Honda Civic505,600
4Honda City498,200
5Tesla Model 3412,000
6Toyota Camry391,200
7Toyota RAV4331,200
8Honda Accord321,400
9Ford Bronco291,700
10Honda CR-V281,100
11Toyota Highlander271,300
12Ford Ranger266,400
13Toyota Corolla258,200
14Jeep Grand Cherokee
Range Rover
15Mazda CX-5241,800
16Subaru Outback190,800
17Ford Explorer187,500
18Kia Sportage184,800
19Toyota Tundra181,500
20Honda Pilot180,900
21Tesla Model Y173,400
22Mini Cooper164,100
23Kia Sorento161,400
24Porsche 911156,500
25Subaru Crosstrek
Subaru Forester
26Tesla Model S146,200
27Audi A3
Audi A4
28Kia Telluride144,000
29BMW X5143,000
30Toyota Yaris140,800
31Chevy Tahoe140,200
32Volvo XC90136,400
33Tesla Model X134,700
34Audi Q5129,800
35Hyundai Tucson128,400
36Honda HR-V
Mazda 3
37Nissan Leaf125,800
38Audi Q3
39Ford Focus121,400
40Dodge Challenger119,600
41Nissan Rogue
Porsche Cayenne
42BMW M3
Toyota Prius
43Honda Odyssey113,400


What are the most searched used cars in Australia?

Electric car driving in tunnel with blue tint

Australians have a slightly different used car appetite than the rest of the world.

Only 21 SUVs made up the top 50 list, with more interest in commercial utes as reflected by 2023 used sales figures.1

Japanese automaker Toyota dominated the top 10 list – led by the Yaris small hatchback, with the HiLux ute and Prado large SUV trailing.

Despite the increasing rise in electric vehicles, it seems Australians are more hesitant to buy a used example – with the first EV on the list, the Tesla Model 3, appearing 32nd in search traffic.

RankUsed Make & ModelAustralian Annual Search Volume Average
1Toyota Yaris13,260
2Toyota HiLux12,720
3Toyota Prado
Toyota RAV4
4Hyundai i3011,340
5Toyota Camry11,120
6Ford Ranger10,240
7Toyota Corolla8,960
8Toyota Prius8,650
9Honda City
Honda Civic
Mazda CX-3
10Mazda 38,340
11Mazda CX-57,600
12Kia Sportage5,980
Mitsubishi Outlander5,980
13Suzuki Swift4,920
14Kia Carnival
Mazda 2
Mitsubishi ASX
15Nissan X-Trail4,470
16Isuzu D-Max4,410
17Subaru Forester4,130
18Nissan Leaf3,900
19Kia Rio3,800
20Hyundai Kona
Kia Cerato
Nissan Patrol
21Kia Sorento3,780
22Ford Everest3,570
23Toyota Kluger3,440
24Tesla Model 33,410
25Mini Cooper3,370
26Nissan Navara3,100
27Range Rover3,070
28Mitsubishi Triton2,990
29Mazda 62,980
30Subaru Outback2,890
31Audi A42,790
32Jeep Wrangler2,770
33Mazda CX-92,730
34Isuzu MU-X2,720
35Suzuki Jimny2,700
36Hyundai Tucson2,680
37Kia Stinger2,560
38Nissan Qashqai2,550
39Honda HR-V2,480
40Mitsubishi Lancer2,420
41Toyota HiAce2,310
42Audi A12,060

Are used cars more expensive to insure?

Compare the Market Australia’s Executive General Manager of General Insurance Adrian Taylor said a variety of factors contribute to car insurance premiums.

“Vehicle age is one of many indicators insurers look at to determine how much you pay for cover, along with factors including driver history, parking location, and vehicle type,” Mr Taylor said.

“It’s also generally cheaper to insure popular models that benefit from better parts availability locally and those that are easier to service.

“No matter how new or old your vehicle is, having car insurance is one of the most important considerations to help protect owners in the event of the unexpected.

“Different insurers will also offer various levels of cover, available extras and excess charges at different prices, so it pays to compare to find a policy that suits your wallet and requirements.”

Always read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination (TMD) to check for the inclusions, limits and restrictions before purchasing.

Methodology & Sources 

Data is accurate as at 6 February 2024.

Using Keywords Everywhere, we analysed the average global and Australia-only online search volume of nearly 500 individual vehicle models between February 2023 to January 2024.

The search term researched was in English and in the following format:

  • used [vehicle make and model]

Additional sources:

  1. AutoGrab and the Australian Automotive Dealer Association – 2023 Automotive Insights Report