The most (and least) expensive passports in the world

Jacob Stiles

Apr 10, 2024

Most people who have travelled internationally at some point in their lives will either have – or previously have had – a passport. These unassuming little booklets contain our identity and nationality information vital for travel, identification, and verification abroad (and sometimes even domestically).

Most countries issue their own passports (with some exceptions for autonomous territories and countries such as Gibraltar or Greenland) which citizens can apply for – usually for a cost.

Given its importance, it makes sense that some people might choose to take out travel insurance to cover or the cost of replacing a passport if it is lost, stolen or damaged while overseas.

As experts in travel insurance comparisons, we decided to compare the cost of a passport in various countries to find out who has the most valuable passport in the world!

We compared 29 passports using three metrics:

  • The overall cost to obtain the passport
  • The value of the passport based on how many years it is valid for
  • The value of the passport based on the number of countries the holder can visit without a visa1

These are the results for the passports we examined.

Cheapest and most expensive passports in the world

Of the nations we studied, Mexico, Australia and the United States had the highest passport costs at AUD$353.90, $346.00 and $252.72 respectively.

It was Mexico’s 10-year passport specifically that took the top spot, while the six-year and three-year passports were fourth and ninth most expensive respectively.

On the other hand, the United Arab Emirates, India, and Hungary’s five-year passport were the three cheapest on our list at AUD$27.13, $27.70 and $31.78 respectively.

RankNationValid for (years)Visa free countries Cost of passport (AUD)
1UAE5183 $27.13
2India1062 $27.70
3Hungary (5-year-passport)5188 $31.78
4South Africa10108 $48.44
5Kenya1076 $49.28
6Spain (for over 30-year-olds)10194 $49.49
6Spain (for under 30-year-olds)5194 $49.49
8Poland10189 $53.38
9Brazil10173 $55.59
10Sweden5193 $58.88
11Hungary (10-year-passport)10188 $59.31
12Germany (for under 24-year-olds)6194 $61.87
13Malaysia5183 $63.97
14Finland5193 $72.58
15Singapore10194 $79.69
16Germany (for over 24-year-olds)10194 $115.48
17Saudi Arabia589 $122.61
18Austria10192 $125.37
19France10194 $141.88
20Fiji1090 $142.88
21Mexico (3-year-passport)3162 $148.65
22UK10192 $159.04
23Canada10189 $181.41
24Italy10194 $191.36
25New Zealand10190 $193.72
26Mexico (6-year-passport)6162 $202.10
27USA10189 $252.72
28Australia10190 $346.00
29Mexico (10-year-passport)10162 $353.90

Cheapest and most expensive passports per year

When we take the time of validity into account, the rankings change.

Looking at the cost per years valid of a first-time passport applicant, Mexico’s three and 10-year passports take the most expensive two spots (AUD$49.55 and $35.39 annually respectively), followed by Australia’s 10-year passport ($34.60), Mexico’s six-year passport ($33.68) and the United States’ 10-year passport ($25.27).

India turned out to be the cheapest in this category, with an average cost of only AUD$2.77 per year. South Africa ($4.84) and Kenya ($4.93) were second and third cheapest in this regard.

It is important to note that renewal fees may differ from first-time application fees. This means that the cost per year of a shorter-validity passport is not necessarily directly comparable to the cost per year of a passport that is initially valid for longer.

A column graph showing the cost of a passport per years valid in various countries.

Passports with the most visa-free country access

By incorporating figures from the Henley Passport Index, we can calculate a new score – the cost per number of countries a passport holder can travel to without the need for a visa.

The 10-year Mexican passport is once again the most expensive in this regard. Holders of this passport are paying AUD$2.18 per country they can travel to without a visa. While 162 countries may seem like a lot, it is actually on the lower end compared to the other passports on this list!

The Australian (AUD$1.82 per visa free country) and Fijian ($1.59) passports pose the second and third lowest value proposition on this list.

On the other hand, the UAE passport, Hungarian five-year passport and both Spanish passports round out the best value passports for travelling without a visa, at AUD$0.15, $0.17 and $0.26 respectively.

A column graph showing the cost of a passport per visa-free country in various nations.

Is Australia’s passport good value?

While it is undoubtedly powerful, the Aussie passport is also undoubtedly expensive – at least in comparison to most other passports on this list.

It is second most expensive overall, third most expensive per year (behind two variations of the Mexican passport), and also received the second-lowest value per visa-free country – despite its relatively high ranking in the Henley Index.

It is also slated to become 15% more expensive as of 1 July 2024, according to the mid-year 2023-24 economic and fiscal outlook.2 This would put the cost of the 10-year validity passport for people aged 16 years and over close to AUD$400.

Compare the Market’s Executive General Manager of General Insurance, Adrian Taylor, said travel insurance may be able to help if something happens to your passport overseas.

“Nobody wants to be stressed out on their holidays. Damage, loss or theft of your important documents is an unfortunate risk many people face while overseas,” Mr Taylor said.

“Depending on your policy, travel insurance may be able to help cover the cost of a replacement if you need to apply for one.

“It pays to have peace of mind, so you know you are covered in case something bad happens to your important travel documents.”

If your passport is lost, damaged or stolen while overseas, contact the Australian Passport Office or your nearest Australian diplomatic or consular mission as soon as possible to figure out the best next steps.

If you are in Australia and are considering purchasing travel insurance, make sure to read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Target Market Determination (TMD) to help you to understand the limits, exclusions or restrictions of any given policy.


  • The cost (in local currency) and validity of each passport was researched manually, by using official government websites and sources where possible.
  • When multiple, mandatory fees were involved in obtaining a passport, they were combined into one total cost.
  • When passports had multiple options with different page counts, or with different prices depending on method of application or shipping, the cheapest option was used.
  • All passports recorded are reflective of a first time, adult applicant (not children or seniors) with no special requirements or concessions.
  • Multiple passports for a single nation were recorded if different versions were valid for different lengths of time, or if there were differences between adult applicants (ie different passports depending if the applicant was above or below 30 years of age).
  • The cost of a passport was converted from each local currency to AUD using Xe Currency Converter on 20/02/2024.


NationCost of passport (local currency)SourceValid for (years)Source
Germany (over 24)70
Germany (under 24)37.5
Hungary (10 years)14000
Hungary (5 years)7500
New Zealand206
Saudi Arabia300!ut/p/z0/fY69DoIwFIVfpQvzvVVCwsjgD2piooPYpbmRilVoS1vUxxd4ALfz8-XkgIAKhKG3bihqa6gd_VVkEss03fJ0sT8uixUW2fqQn3LkJUc4KwM7EP-hcUU_-14UIG7WRPWNUHVWs1p_yCQ4yYftFJtLExn5BKcgQa-aoZ3PzJgMNNSaOQrBWR9lre40tFGSB_faXH5pLJ-4/
South Africa600
Spain (over 30)30
Spain (under 30)30


Additional sources

  1. The visa-free countries of each passport was sourced from The Henley Passport Index
  2. The mid-year economic and fiscal outlook 2023-24