How to maximise your home’s kerb appeal

Hannah Norton

Jan 15, 2024

First impressions count when buying a house: after all, the exterior is the first thing people see before they step foot through the door. No matter how amazing your house may be inside, if the exterior is less than desirable, it could be stopping you from getting it sold.

With property prices continuing to rise and mortgage rates increasing, it’s a difficult time to both buy and sell property. For many people, adding kerb appeal might require financing their home loan to cover the costs, but it could result in getting more for your home.

With that in mind, we decided to see what factors can help to increase the appeal of your home, by looking at search volumes across Australia and the USA.

The best ways to add kerb appeal in Australia

The people of Australia have spoken! These are the factors that provide the most kerb appeal.

The best ways to add kerb appeal in the USA

Now it’s time to see how America fares, and it turns out that for the most part, opinions differ across Australia and the USA.

Tips on how to add kerb appeal to your property

If you’re wondering what kerb appeal actually is, then it simply means how attractive your property looks from the street – so when it comes to selling your house, what’s on the outside really is just as important as what’s on the inside.

If you’re considering selling your home, then make sure you follow our tips to make sure your home sets a good impression with potential buyers.

1. Maximise your doorstep

Is your door old and crumbling? Replacing it with a new one will instantly make your home more attractive, and it could be the deciding factor in getting prospective buyers through the door. But don’t stop there: adding a welcome mat, some hanging flowers and plant pots can all be the perfect finishing touches.

2. Tidy your front garden

Give your grass a trim, sweep away any weeds and stray leaves, and power wash your driveway to keep your front garden looking as tidy as possible. If you want to take it one step further, you could also plant some new flowers and give your fence a new lick of paint.

3. Wash your windows

Another easy win to add kerb appeal to your home is to give your windows and frames a clean. It’ll instantly make the exterior of your home feel brighter and more modern; and it can also help to let in extra light when inside – another key factor many prospective buyers look for.

How to refinance your renovation

If you’re considering taking out a loan to pay for repairs and upgrades, you could refinance a home loan (or take out a new one if you already own the home without a mortgage) to help pay for renovations. This can be a great way of beautifying your home, especially if you plan on selling in the near future.

As Stephen Zeller, General Manager of Money at Compare the Market states: “First impressions really do count, and if your home is looking less than desirable on the outside, spending a bit of money to make it look more attractive can help you to sell it quicker, and potentially for more money. So, if your home’s been on the market for a while and you’re not getting much interest, hopefully this guide has given you some key takeaways in how you can make small tweaks to make a big difference.”




To determine the seed list of exterior features, we gathered desk research from a number of home and design publications. The search terms per country were then selected by finding the keyword related to the exterior feature with the highest search volume.

We then ran the seed list of exterior feature types through Google Keyword Planner to determine the average search volume per month for each US State or Australian city. We then ranked the exterior features, the larger the search volume the higher the ranking.

All data is correct as of 15/12/23.