James McCay

Aug 24, 2023

Cats and dogs are the most popular pets across the world, and there are dozens and dozens of different breeds for each species. Some are big, others are small. Some have a scrunchy face, while others have a long or well-defined snout. Some cats and dogs are happy to cuddle with you all day, while other breeds are full of energy and need to run, hunt or play.

From colouration to size to temperament, there is a vast variety of cat and dog breeds out there – meaning there is a breed of cat or dog for every person.

But what are the most popular breeds? What types of pets are people searching for?

As pet insurance experts we wanted to find out – so, we tallied up the number of countries where each breed had the highest Google search volume to reveal the most searched for cats and dogs online.

Here are the results.

Map showing the most searched cat breeds around the world.

What is the most searched cat breed?

The most-searched cat breed is the massive Maine Coon, which topped Google searches in 81 different countries. These cats are one of the biggest domesticated cat breeds in the world and are known for their soft flowing coats of fur.

The next most-searched breed, the slender but regal Oriental, was the most searched breed in 41 countries. The third-most searched cat breed was the Persian, famous for their fluffy fur, bushy tails and short, scrunchy faces. They were most searched in 23 different countries.

The table below shows the cat breeds that topped search queries in at least one of 177 nations across the planet, based on a list of 40 different breeds. Interestingly, there were clear standouts with each breed had roughly twice as much search volume as the preceding breed – with Singapuras and Ragdolls being the exception.

The most Googled cat breeds across the world

RankingBreedMost searched in ‘X’ countries
1Maine Coon81
4British Shorthair12
9Egyptian Mau, Khao Manee, Ocicat, Siamese1

Map showing the most searched dog breeds around the world.

What is the most searched dog breed?

When it comes to man’s best friend, the most-searched breed across the globe is the Rottweiler. The medium-large dog with shiny black and red coats of hair are praised for their protective instincts and strength. Rottweilers are the most-searched breed in 52 of 177 countries.

The second-most searched breed is the Cane Corso, which was the most-searched dog breed in 26 nations. Similar to the Rottweiler, the Cane Corso are praised for their strength and role as guard dogs.

Unlike the somewhat intimidating guard dog breeds that took first and second place, the Golden Retriever – renowned as eager to please family-friendly dogs – was third and almost tied with the Cane Corso by topping the search lists for 25 different countries.

The table below displays the results for the most-searched dogs out of a list of 201 breeds. Interestingly the results for dog breeds had a lot of close results and more competition between the different breeds compared to cats.

The most Googled dog breeds across the world

RankingBreedMost searched in ‘X’ countries
2Cane Corso26
3Golden Retriever25
6Border Collie10
7Shiba Inu5
8German Shorthaired Pointer, Pomeranian4
10Australian Shepherd, Boerboel, Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, Greyhound2

View the full results per country here.

Do dog and cat breeds impact pet insurance costs?

If you have some canine or feline family members that you want to protect with pet insurance, you may be wondering if different breeds are cheaper or more expensive to insure than others. Compare the Market’s General Manager of General Insurance, Adrian Taylor, says that a pet’s breed can definitely impact insurance costs.

“Different breeds all have their own characteristics that affect their temperament, size and look. Sometimes these traits can have negative affects on the pet’s health, which increases the risk from a pet insurance perspective, so some breeds will cost more to insure than others,” Taylor explains.

“For example, Brachycephalic or ‘flat-faced’ breeds like French Bulldogs or Persian cats typically have serious health problems due to their physiognomy, and thus can be more expensive to insure than other dog and cat breeds that don’t have breathing issues,” says Taylor.

“A dog or cat’s breed is just one factor when it comes to the cost of pet insurance, so it’s important to weigh up other big elements that influence pet insurance costs such as your pet’s age, a family history of health problems and pre-existing conditions. It’s best to compare pet insurance for your furry friend at an early age before they potentially develop other health problems that can impact the cost of insurance.”


We gathered Google search data for different dog and cat breeds from July 2022 to June 2023 for 177 nations. We used Google Ads Keyword Planner to source the total number of Google searches for 40 different cat breeds and 201 dog breeds to find the cat and dog breed with the highest total number of Google searches in each country. This then gave us the number of countries where each breed was the top result.

For dog and cat breeds with a name that could also have other meanings (such as Persian or Siberian cat breeds or the Chinook dog), we added the term “cat” or “dog” to the search query to be more specific to avoid getting artificially inflated search volume results. All search terms were done in English due to inconsistent results when using other languages.