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Travel Insurance Comparison

Compare and save on some of the best value rates in Australia!

Travel insurance can be complex at the best of times. With so many factors to consider when looking at quotes, finding the right deal online can be a nightmare.

At comparethemarket.com.au, we take the guesswork out of the equation by letting you search quickly for some of the best deals in travel insurance today. Simply tell us where you’re going and how long you’ll be gone for, and we’ll provide you with a range of quotes to compare online.

Travel made simple

Whether you’re after a Single Trip insurance policy to cover a one-off holiday, or an Annual Policy to provide cover all year round, we’ll take the anxiety out of your travels so you can get on with packing!

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"Comparethemarket.com.au made it easy for me to compare a wide range of travel insurance policies side by side. I was able to purchase travel insurance with confidence, knowing I'd chosen the right policy for my travel needs"

− Jeanette from NSW

"You have a great website; made selecting my travel insurance a snap. A great service in a confusing insurance maze."

− Brian, NSW

Useful information

Travel Insurance Australia

Domestic travel cover you can’t afford not to have!

Most people are aware of how important travel insurance is when travelling abroad, but not everyone stops to think about cover when taking a trip in their own backyard.

You mightn’t think so at first, but there’s a lot to be gained from having travel insurance even if you’re just travelling within Australia. In fact, a lot of what can go wrong can happen before you’ve even boarded the plane!

Here are a few examples of what domestic cover may insure you for:

  • Lost or damaged luggage
  • Theft of belongings such as cameras and bags
  • Cancellation fees and deposits
  • Hire car excess in the event of an accident

At comparethemarket.com.au, we understand that things can go wrong at any time during your trip, no matter your destination. That’s why we’ve provided an online comparison tool that lets you compare domestic travel quotes from a number of insurance brands. You can rest easy knowing you and your loved ones are covered.

Be safe, not sorry!

You don’t have to be on the other side of the world to be left out of pocket in the event of an unforeseen incident while travelling. It’s a small price to pay for big peace of mind!

International Travel Insurance

We’ve all heard the travel horror stories of lost or stolen luggage. Worse yet, imagine how daunting it could be for you or your loved ones to wind up with an accidental injury, or fall ill, having to negotiate your way through a foreign medical system.

Having the right travel insurance allows you to reduce the impact emergencies and other unfortunate mishaps have on your holidays. By expecting the best but planning for the worst, you’ll have peace of mind throughout your journey.

We’ve got you covered.

At comparethemarket.com.au, we help you find information fast from a range of insurance brands all in the one spot. Simply select the policy that matches your needs. No headaches, no mess!

Wise up!

“The best laid plans of mice and men oft go awry”

Don’t end your holiday in regret. No one wants things to go wrong when they’re traveling, but if it does it pays to have the right cover. Regardless of whether your plans include backpacking with a group through Bali, flying overseas on business or an international getaway with family, you could quickly find a travel quote that suits your itinerary at comparethemarket.com.au.

How it works

Why Travel Insurance?

Holiday essentials: passport, phone, credit card, toothbrush and travel insurance.

Travelling without travel insurance could be the quickest way to spoil any holiday, whether overseas or within Australia. Compare the Market helps you ensure that you won’t be left with any nasty surprises should the unexpected happen.

Although there may be differences as to what’s insured depending on whom you choose, most policies tend to provide cover for the following events:

  • Overseas medical emergencies and illness;
  • Loss or damage to luggage;
  • Theft of personal belongings;
  • Flight cancellations and delays.

Playing it safe on holiday

Travel insurance provides protection from unforeseen circumstances while away, however there are some actions for which insurers mightn’t cover you. We recommend you read the product disclaimer statement when comparing quotes to gain an understanding of what situations each policy covers.

In a few easy steps, we help you to:

  • Choose between Single Trip and Annual Policy;
  • Compare from a range of travel quotes based on your needs, all on one page;
  • Rank and compare quotes based on a variety of specific features;
  • Buy online.

Don’t take the risk – compare travel insurance today with comparethemarket.com.au.

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