Exclusive credit card offers

Credit card holders from the higher income bracket can expect to eventually start receiving exclusive offers from their banks or financial institutions. These usually entail a slew of rewards and benefits normally reserved for the rulers of the world, and the issuers are engaged in fierce competition with each other in order to be the most attractive to their respective clientele. We’ll examine some of the most prestigious card products, available to a select few on the planet, in the below list.

The most exclusive Australian and international credit cards

  • Visa Premium. An ‘exclusive connection to experiences from reserved concert tickets to luxury hotel offers and much more’, as the issuers proudly declare, this card entitles the holder to a 24/7 concierge, global customer assistance and hundreds of deals and discounts. It also works in conjunction with the Citi Prestige Card.
  • Citi Prestige Card. The maximum credit limit on the Prestige Card is $100,000, but you can earn up to 5 rewards points for each dollar spent on overseas trips and up to 2 points for each domestically-spent dollar, as well as Priority Pass access to over 700 airport lounges around the world and accommodation, golf and shopping privileges from hotel partners such as Hilton and Shangri-La.
  • Citigroup Black Chairman Card. You don’t just need to be wealthy to get the Black Chairman Card – you must be a member of Citi’s private bank and investment units. If you are, however, you get over $300,000 in credit limit, private access to airport lounges around the globe, flight and accommodation upgrades and concierge service designed to fetch you the sun and the moon should it take your fancy… all for a measly $500 annual fee.
  • Dubai First Royal Mastercard. Gold-trimmed and encrusted with an actual .235 carat diamond, this black beauty screams opulence. You will need an exclusive invitation from the Dubai First to obtain the Royal Mastercard and the annual fee is estimated to be over $2,500, but when you get the card, the whole world is on your plate – plus you get a team of your own, personal 24/7 lifestyle managers.
  • American Express Centurion Card. If you’ve held an Amex Platinum card for over a year and received an invitation from American Express to acquire a Centurion Card, it means you’ve automatically joined a very exclusive club. For your privilege, you get a 24-hour concierge, flight upgrades, complimentary five-star accommodation, shopping assistants… the lot.
  • JP Morgan Reserve Card. Formerly known as the Palladium Card, this shiny rectangle seems to have originated out of the issuers’ sheer desire to outdo the Centurion: it’s actually made of laser-etched palladium and gold. There is no associated spending limit, and the annual fee comes down to USD 450 compared with the Centurion’s $5,000 in Australia. You would need to have a relationship with a JP Morgan private bank or wealth management to get a Reserve Card, though.
  • Coutts World Silk Card. Seemingly reserved for royalty (Queen Elizabeth II has one), Coutts World Silk Cards are indeed highly exclusive products. You would need to have at least $1 million in your Coutts account and be able to afford an unheard-of 49.1% annual interest rate. The Silk Card starts with a $33,000 credit limit depending on your bank’s assessment of your finances, and costs around $600 in annual fees – however, that can be waived if you spend in excess of $82,500 during your first membership year.

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