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A black credit card is in the top echelon of credit cards available in Australia. Black card holders can expect premium levels of service, which can include a personal shopper, offers from high-end retailers, and complimentary products. Compare black cards using the table below.

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The ‘royal’ treatment: advantages of holding a black card

Lenders designed these kinds of cards for customers with a high level of income and a steeper level of spending. If you are a black credit card holder, you could enjoy preferential treatment through a personal concierge service, which can assist you with your business, travel, entertainment, and transport needs. Many lenders have partnerships with luxury brands and offer personal shopping assistance to cardholders.

The ability to earn rewards with a black credit card is greatly enhanced, as many lenders will offer a more favourable rate of return on reward points. With a standard credit card, you are usually earning one point for every dollar spent. As a black credit card holder, the ratio is between one-and-a-half to two points for every dollar spent.

This effectively doubles your reward earning potential.

Many black credit cards offer complimentary travel cover when you book flights or holidays with your card. This can save you hundreds on travel insurance for both domestic and international cover. The types of cover will vary between lenders, so it pays to do your research to ensure it suits your needs.

Black card eligibility and drawbacks

Black cards are a particularly exclusive product. For one, they’re only obtainable by invitation from lenders or nomination from an existing card holder. Additionally, they require an income of $50,000 and beyond. You must have a flawless credit record and pay a hefty annual fee, costing hundreds of dollars.

Finally, many of these cards have a yearly spending limit that you’ll have to meet. The exact requirements will vary between cards and lenders. When comparing your options, take these additional costs into consideration as higher fees may negate savings made through your rewards and benefits.

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Premium credit card users expect a lot from their cards, and so they should! A black card can represent a significant investment for the cardholder.

Our credit card comparison helps you compare interest rates, rewards programs and annual fees. We ensure it couldn’t be easier to make an informed choice when it comes to a premium product like the black card. Comparing is easy, and the choice is all yours.

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