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A business credit card can offer many advantages, regardless of whether you’re a small, medium, or a large business. We showcase several great options for you to choose from in our comparison table below.

Why use a business credit card instead of a consumer card?

A business credit card works in nearly the same ways as a personal credit card, therefore similar rules apply when comparing your options.

Interest rates, for example, should remain your primary consideration, with varying options making a significant difference to your monthly budget. Some cards will offer interest-free periods for up to 45 days, which can help with cash flow during your first month.

Many cards will charge an annual fee, but there is potential to make up for this with a good rewards program. For example, if you have staff who travel a lot, using the Frequent Flyer rewards program would be beneficial. If you have staff cars, a fuel program would be a valuable option. The more often cards are used, the greater the potential for earning significant rewards over time.

Additionally, applying for a business credit card can be an excellent way to manage and track internal company spending.

Applying for a business credit card

A business credit card is issued to the registered business or company rather than an individual, so you’ll need your ABN (Australian Business Number) at the ready to get started. This means that the business is responsible for any accrued debt, not the person who uses the card.

In saying this, more than one card may be issued and each card can be tailored to suit individual employees through spending limits and cash restrictions. Many cards will also come with management reporting features, making it easier to track and report on internal spending and manage your finances accordingly.

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