Concierge Service

Platinum or Black Card holders have access to benefits usually reserved for the elite, such as extra rewards points, airline miles and shopping vouchers. Yet those lucky enough to have a premium card may still not always know they have a whole range of additional exclusive services that their personal concierge can deliver at their fingertips.

Concierge service can be best described as your own personal assistant, available 24 hours, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world. Need to get on the next flight to New York? Want to take your significant other on a surprise Mediterranean cruise? Thinking of booking an overwater bungalow stay in Bora Bora, but have no time to plan it? All sorted.

Sounds rather remarkable, doesn’t it! We’ll break down some of the common services a credit card concierge service offers.

How you can use your concierge service

Depending on your credit card provider, you can contact your personal concierge at any time for:

  • Travel advice. Stuck for holiday ideas? Your concierge will be able to give you an assortment of comprehensive travel information at the dial of a number.
  • Foreign exchange information. There’s no need for you to scour through money changers for the best currency rate – your dial-a-butler can suss that out.
  • Hotel bookings. No need to worry if you’re travelling to a city where most hotels are booked out – your concierge will recommend a good one or even book you into a room. If you’re looking for specific accommodation, this may also be arranged for you.
  • Executive services such as car and limo rental, airport transfer bookings and event planning.
  • Personal stylist. Because premium credit card holders often have an extremely busy schedule, their concierge can also act as their personal stylist – as in, provide all the right fashion tips, take your dimensions and do the actual clothes shopping.
  • Getting tickets to sold out events. Your concierge will do their utmost to squeeze you in so you don’t miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime concert or major sporting event.
  • Dinner reservations. If you’re a Platinum or Black Card holder, your concierge can recommend exclusive restaurants and make bookings – subject to availability.

Priority lounges

In addition to having a dedicated concierge at your service, you can make your travels a smoother, more pleasant experience by escaping the crowded terminals and accessing priority lounges.

Whether it’s getting some much-needed downtime between flights or catching up on some important work, Platinum and Black Card holders can do so while enjoying the pre-flight luxury at participating airport lounges around the globe.

Concierge service exclusions

There is a range of events where concierge service may not be provided to you. These normally include:

  • Your premium card suspension
  • Acts of war, invasion, armed hostilities, rebellion, insurrection or terrorism
  • Pandemics
  • Administrative or political impediments
  • Any other events of force majeure which prevent your concierge from providing services.

We suggest that you read your concierge service T&Cs and the ‘Important information’ fine print to have a better understanding of the associated conditions and exceptions.

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