As we stress about work and mortgages, we often forget that stressing can lead to various health issues down the track. In other words, we tend to neglect our own health when we should be protecting it, sometimes with health insurance.

Lucky for us, our bodies produce chemicals that help fight stress and fatigue. While laughing, eating chocolate and good old retail therapy are sure fire ways of triggering these chemicals, there are several other ways that we might have little idea about. Eating spicy food, for example, can give you a better ‘kick’ than strong coffee and release endorphins. Watching animal videos can help reduce stress and improve concentration by up to 44% – what a great excuse to ‘fire up’ YouTube!

The below infographic details 10 ways to help you can feel good without artificial mood enhancers.  

10 Ways To Feel Good Naturally infographic

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So, what are you waiting for?

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