We decided to investigate how our fast food favourites vary from country to country. The results surprised us! For example, a Canadian KFC Original Recipe Burger is 35 grams larger than its Australian counterpart, and packs in 122 more calories!

Interestingly, even foods that shared similar sizes with one another still varied in their caloric content. A Krispy Kreme original glazed donut from Australia weighs in at 52 grams per serving size, as does its Singapore counterpart. But did you know that the Aussie version sports 64 extra calories?

The opposite was true when we compared Hungry Jacks/Burger King Whoppers. Japan and Australia share very similar sized (only a 2 gram difference between them). However, the calorie split between them is huge: 750 calories in Japan, opposed to 693 in Australia.

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Perhaps most fascinating is what we found out about a beverage many of us consider to be reasonably healthy: Boost Juice. The good news is that – comparative to other countries, Australia doesn’t overdo it with the calories. While we have the largest serving size for an original size All Berry Bang, the UK still tops the list for calories: 392 kCal, versus 349 for an Aussie one.

How did your favourite fast food option fare in our list? Check out the full results below.

Fast food proportions australia infographic

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