Looking good never goes out of style. Most diets, however, have a popularity “expiry date”. They can be all the rage for a little while, and forgotten a year later.

We’re famous for outdoor living. This lifestyle is always going to be common for us …but how much do we focus on  our diets? To find out, we looked at Google Trends data to see how often people have searched for these types of diets over the years.

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7 Popular Diet Trends in Australia infographic

Quiet Achievers: Mediterranean, Alkaline, and the Blood Type Diet

These three diets – disregarding how effective they may or may not be – tended to remain popular over the last five years. The Mediterranean Diet, for example, had five peaks of interest. The Alkaline Diet also had a peak in July 2014. In all, they had consistent numbers of searches each month.

Drooping Diets: 5:2, Juice Cleanse, and the Dukan Diet

From November 2011 to August 2013, the Dukan Diet had its heyday. Since then, its popularity has dwindled. Similarly, the 5:2 Diet had a massive spike in interest in September 2014, but has since cooled off. As for Juice Cleanses, the interest never really materialised in Australia (at least when it comes to Google searches).

Prehistoric Popularity: Paleo

What started with relatively little movement in 2011 has since grown to a massive peak in 2015. While popularity is coming down again, Paleo continues to be a massive force to be reckoned with in the Australian dieting scene.

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