For a lucky country like Australia, we’re a pretty stressed out nation. According to WayAhead’s findings, seventy-two percent of Australians admit that stress affects their physical health. Sixty-four percent of us claim it’s not doing us any good in the mental health department, either.

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The three main causes for stress in Australia are financial concerns, health issues and family issues. This is not to say we don’t deal with stress on our own or that all stress is bad, though. Stress helps us perform at our best, and afterwards we can unwind by spending time with loved ones, watching TV or movies, reading, or listening to music.

We do often get into a pattern of being stressed out, however. We don’t always choose to do something about it, either – in fact, 51% of us do not seek proper help for stress. The below infographic investigates what’s stressing Australia in more detail in hopes of improving the wellbeing of all our readers.

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