Aussies love a good drink. It’s not uncommon to drink to a few beverages on weekends, or the odd stubby or a glass of wine during a weeknight. While most of us drink moderately, ABS data shows we spent over $14 billion per year on alcohol in 2014 – more than six times the amount spent on public transport.

In 2015, only 1 in 5 Australian adults did not consume alcohol, according to an ABS health survey. And while alcohol consumption statistics showed a decline in this figure for the first time in 2016, IBISWorld’s per capita consumption forecast for 2017 stood in excess of nine litres.

While statistics show we tend to drink less as we get older, we can still save ourselves a lot of money in the present (and help safeguard our health) if we cut down on alcohol. This infographic from 2015 breaks down the billions of dollars collectively spent on alcoholic drinks, and how this compares to the cost of alcohol-free activities.