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A spectacular oasis

Phuket is a spectacular oasis of white-sand beaches, turquoise waters, mystic archipelagos and limestone cliffs and a place of spiritual solace with over 40 Buddhist temples to explore. Known as the ‘Pearl of the Andaman’, the island is also dotted with exclusive resorts and hotels, offering barefoot luxury at its finest.

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man in a 5 star hotel pool in Phuket

5-star luxury hotels in Phuket

Phuket luxury hotels are renowned for offering guests a plethora of luxe features to indulge in during their stays such as Jacuzzis, saunas, spas, Turkish steam baths, outdoor pools, poolside bars, tennis and squash courts, billiard rooms as well as fitness and wellness centres. Most Phuket 5-star hotels will offer sea views, and spacious rooms embellished with rich, modern décor, with en suites, private bathrooms and sometimes private balconies.

Unique experiences

The top hotels in Phuket offer truly unique and quintessential experiences like spacious treehouses with jungle views, private bungalows perched on hilltops or rooms with private infinity pools. Guests should also enjoy a range of bespoke services and amenities as part of their holiday package including hotel room massages, private butler service, swim-up pool bars, VIP service and more.

5 star hotel experience in Phuket ocean view from window

big Buddha in Phuket

Stunning sights

The city’s enduring allure extends far beyond its exotic exterior. Its provincial capital, Phuket Old Town, offers a stunning insight into the city’s colonial past, with Sino-Portuguese architecture offering a colourful backdrop to cafes, shops and restaurants. Furthermore, Chinese and Buddhist shrines speckle the island, like the Wat Chalong and Big Buddha.

Phuket adventures

Phuket is also a destination for adventure seekers. Trek deep into lush rainforests, explore jungles and hillsides by zip lining through trees, dive and snorkel in the Phi Phi Islands, or simply take a boat trip to discover neighbouring archipelagos; in any event, there’s something for every wanderer.

Divers in the Phi Phi Islands Phuket

Phuket entertainment - a fire dancer


The ‘Jewel of the Andaman Sea’ is renowned for its collection of splendid beach clubs. Here, tourists flock to enjoy a sundowner by the sea in style and bask in the ambience of coastal chic surroundings. Phuket’s sizzling nightlife and evening entertainment are famous around the world, as Patong Beach offers a striking balance of cheap bars and exclusive seaside venues.

Five luxurious experiences in Phuket outside your hotel


1. Dive in the Similan Islands in style

Hire a yacht or private boat and discover the wonders of the Similan Islands. Often rated one of the best dive sites in the world, the archipelago offers cobalt blue waters that harbour stunning rock formations, coral reefs and pristine beaches. It’s part of a national marine park which harbours a variety of marine life, including rare and endangered species.

2. Enjoy a beach club

Your beachside vacation wouldn’t be complete without visiting a beach club. With great beaches come great beaches clubs and Phuket has plenty of both. The island has a wide selection of grand seaside pool venues to take your vacation to a next level of sophistication. Spend an afternoon lounging around under a private cabana, with cocktails, a light fare and mellow entertainment as the sun sets over the Andaman Sea. Phuket is also home to the world-famous Café del Mar and HQ on Kamala Beach.

3. Enjoy fine dining

Phuket has firmly put fine dining on Thailand’s map. The island has a smorgasbord of restaurants dishing up haute-cuisine so enjoying a finger licking good meal will only ever be as hard as picking the right location. Wine and dine in a large mansion at Blue Elephant, on the water’s edge at Mom Tri’s Kitchen, in the middle of a lagoon at Black Ginger or perched on a granite cape at Joe’s Downstairs. The choice is yours!

4. Tour the Chalong Bay Rum Distillery

Sample your way through the finest drops of white rum, traditionally handcrafted using the French art of distillation and blended with the rich sugar cane heritage of Thailand. Take a behind-the-scenes look at facilities, fermentation and distillation processes before winding down with a glass of top-notch rum at the open space bar overlooking fields of sugar cane.

5. Explore Old Phuket Town

Step back in history with a tour to Phuket’s provincial capital where Sino-Colonial mansions and Sino-Portuguese shop houses have been cleverly converted into shops, cafes and restaurants. Take a look inside the Pracha Mansion, once home to a Chinese rubber baron, where rosewood furniture with mother-of-pearl inlay, family portraits and porcelain artefacts have stood the test of time. You’ll also wonder past the town’s former red light district and several Chinese and Buddhist temples along the way.

Beautiful boat in the ocean at Phuket with Island in the background

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