Why do people buy organic in the grocery aisles? It’s not a complicated question, but many Australians have differing answers. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

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Why do Aussies buy organic?

“I buy organic for health-related reasons”

One of the most popular reasons shoppers tended to go organic was for their health; a grand total of 27% of Australians, in fact.

So, is there any health upside to buying organic? On one hand, you’ll be exposed to fewer synthetic pesticides, which can (apparently) have a detrimental effect on your health. Organic food may also alleviate feelings of hunger.

If you’re hoping to maximise your vitamin and mineral intake, you may be disappointed. There’s little evidence to suggest these foods are significantly different to their counterparts. Additionally, the lack of pesticides could mean that toxins may be naturally produced by the vegetables or fruits!

“I’m concerned about the environment.”

Caring for our planet is admirable, but is it a sound reason to opt for organic food? Well, 12% of Aussies felt strongly enough  to buy organic all the time, but let’s see if the math checks out.

Fast Facts

  • Organic food production emits less greenhouse gases.
  • Less energy is required to produce organic food for certain produce.

On the opposing side of the argument…

  • Organic food requires more land to cultivate the same crop yield.
  • Energy usage may increase depending on the type of food being grown.

“I prefer better tasting food”

Does organic taste better than regular old produce? 11% of surveyed Australians think so. Taste ultimately comes down to how well producers cultivate food, however, blind taste tests show that most of us can’t tell the difference!

Why don’t we buy organic?

There are several good reasons to go organic…but what is stopping Australians from trying organic? More than one in four Aussies opted not to buy organic because it can be expensive.

Looking after our health long term

While you may or may not be concerned about going organic, most of us would at least like to lead healthier lives. Keeping our bodies at their healthiest can be costly, when you consider the price of gyms, glasses, dental work, ambulance cover in Australia, hospital stays for medical care, and more.

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