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What is the Private Health Insurance Intermediaries Code of Conduct?

The Private Health Insurance Intermediaries Code of Conduct is a voluntary industry Code designed to enhance the standards of practice and service in the private health insurance industry.

The Code covers four main areas of conduct in private health insurance:

  • Ensuring you receive the correct information on private health insurance from appropriately trained staff.
  • Providing awareness of the internal and external dispute resolution procedures available in the event of a dispute.
  • Ensuring all policy documentation is available and designed to help you, the consumer, make informed decisions about your health insurance policy purchase.
  • Ensuring that all information between the associated parties is protected in accordance with national and state privacy principles.

Compare the Market is a proud signatory of the Code.

Our commitment to you under the Code of Conduct

As signatories to the Code, we will:

  • Continuously strive towards improving the standards of practice, compliance and service in the private health insurance industry.
  • Provide information to you in plain language.
  • Promote more informed decisions about private health insurance products and services by:
    • Ensuring that policy documentation is full and complete
    • Providing clear explanations of the contents of the policy documentation when asked
    • Ensuring that persons providing information on health insurance are appropriately trained.
  • Ensure information exchanged between you and the fund is protected in accordance with the privacy principles.
  • Provide information to you on your rights and obligations with Compare the Market and your chosen health insurance fund.
  • Provide you with easy access to internal dispute resolution procedures, which will be undertaken in a fair and reasonable manner, and advise you of your rights to take an issue to an external body such as the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman (PHIO).

For more information about the evolution of the Code and its guidelines, please click here.

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