The start of a new financial year is full of confusion. This is why we want to make it easy for you to find out how your tax return is impacted by health insurance.


Over 31 years old?

You may be affected by the LHC



Earn over $90k?

You may be affected by the MLS



Want to save on your premium?

You may be eligible for a rebate

Are you 31 years or older?

If you haven’t purchased private hospital insurance before 1 July following your 31st birthday, you’ll be required to pay more for your cover – but only if you get insured in the future. This extra cost is called Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading, which increases the cost of private hospital insurance by 2% for every year you’re not covered over the age of 31 (up to a maximum of 70%). For example, if you first take out private hospital cover when you’re 40, you’ll pay 20% more than someone who took out the same policy before they turned 31.

Does it affect your tax return?

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Do you earn more than $90,000?

The Medicare Levy Surcharge is a surcharge on the taxable income of individuals who earn more than $90,000 per year – as well as couples/families who earn more than $180,000 a year – who don’t have private health insurance. If you fall into this category, you’ll pay more in tax – unless you fall into one of the exemption categories.

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Do you qualify for the rebate?

The Private Health Insurance Government Rebate is a rebate paid by the Government to help you pay for your private health insurance policy. If you hold any type of health insurance (hospital, extras, or a combined policy), you can choose to receive the rebate as part of your tax return, or in the form of a reduced premium – depending on your age, family status and income.

Read more about the Australian Government Rebate.

See if you qualify for the rebate

Base TierTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
SinglesUnder $90,000$90,001-$105,000$105,001-$140,000$140,001 +
Families*Under $180,000$180,001-$210,000$210,001-$280,000$280,001 +
Under 6525.415%16.943%8.471%0.00%
70 and over33.887%25.415%16.943%0.00%
Retrieved from Private Health Insurance Ombudsman | Information current as of 16/05/2018
^ For families with children, thresholds increase by $1,500 for each child after the first.
Families include couples, de facto couples, and single parents.

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