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‘Send Payments’ (‘Send’) provides Australian customers with:

  • Competitive rates for AUD/USD/GBP/NZD
  • 30+ currency options across 180+ countries
  • The ability to set up recurring transfers
  • Real-time updates on your transfers, plus alerts when a rate hits your target
  • A dedicated account manager for larger transfers
  • An online platform for transfers up to $AUD 50,000

About Send

Founded in 2018, Send is an Australian money transfer provider that offers international money transfer services across the world. Operating out of the Gold Coast, Send seeks to provide an innovative and comprehensive range of financial services.

Send offers competitive rates, super-fast transfers and a dedicated customer service team to support their clients.

How does Send’s money transfer service work?

Transferring money internationally through Send is speedy and secure. International money transfers work by sending money electronically from your nominated account to a specified bank account in a country Send operates in.

When transferring money using Send’s website, it only takes a few minutes to create an account and get going.

  • Create an account. You’ll need to sign up with Send before you can transfer any money. Doing so is free, but you’ll need to provide some identifying documents and personal details so you can be verified.
  • Enter transfer details. Choose which currency you plan on sending, how much, and where it’s going. You’ll need to provide account details for where you wish the money to go. Send receives your funds and deposits them into the nominated account.

Be aware that third-party (i.e., banks that receive the funds) fees and charges may apply to your transaction. You can learn more by reading our helpful guide to sending money overseas.

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to transfer money with Send?

Send employs high-level security systems on their transfers to help protect customers and their money.

Additionally, Send abides by Australian regulations concerning financial services and international money transfers.

Send is:

  • regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC);
  • registered with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC);
  • licensed with an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL); and
  • a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA).

How much money can I send with Send?

Send does not impose a limit on individual transfers made via a dedicated account manager, but a $50,000 limit applies to transfers made via their online platform. A $250 minimum applies.

What payment methods does Send accept?

Send accepts electronic bank transfers, but not physical cash or cryptocurrencies.

Do I have to pay any fees?

When you transfer money with Send, you may be required to pay fees and charges to a third party. This depends on where you have sent the money and how much money is being transferred.

How does Send make money?

Send makes their money from the difference between the market exchange rate (the real exchange rate between two currencies) and the trade price provided (what customers using Send will be able to use). Send ‘buys’ an exchange rate from a trading wholesaler, and then uses that to calculate their own rate. As exchange rates and currencies are always in flux, their profit margin will be unique to each transfer.

Customers using Send don’t have to pay any fees, making it quick and easy to know just what the exchange between currencies will amount to, based on Send’s exchange rates.

What types of transfers can you make with Send?

Customers transferring money with Send have a few options available to them:

  • Spot transfer. A spot transfer is a direct money transfer between two accounts for personal or business use.
  • Limit and stop orders. Limit and stop orders allow you to nominate two currencies to move money between and a specific rate that differs from the current, official exchange rate. Once the official rate rises or falls to your chosen rate, you can lock it in and commence the transfer.
  • Forward contract. If you want to make a transfer in the future, you can use a forward contract. You and Send will agree on a date (up to 12 months way), an exchange rate for the transfer, and the two currencies involved. You will need to pay a deposit in advance. From then on, you can continue to pay instalments or the full amount by the settlement date. If you fail to provide the funds, you may have to pay admin costs to Send.
  • Regular payments. Send allows you to establish regular payments over a 12-month period as either several forward contracts or personal transfers.

How long does a Send money transfer take?

Typically, an international money transfer with Send takes 24 hours to complete once they have received the money. Depending on where the money is being sent and when, there may be delays (such as holidays or weekends when banks may be closed).

Can I cancel my transfer?

If you establish a regular payment, you have the option of cancelling it by providing at least three days’ notice. If you wish to reverse or cancel another type of transfer, you will need to contact Send’ support team to resolve the matter. It’s recommended you contact them as soon as possible.

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Comparing international money transfer providers is a key part of your search for an excellent rate to make your money go further when sending it around the globe. You can compare Send with other providers through our free international money transfer comparison tool.

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