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One in four parents say it’s safe for kids to have a pet at any age

Pet ownership rates in Australia are among the highest in the world, with two-thirds (61%) of Australian households owning an animal.[1] Around two thirds of dog and cat owners refer to their pet as a member of the family[2], but how many parents feel it’s safe to have their newborn, toddler or primary-school aged child […]


Heart over head: Nearly half of Aussies prioritise their partner’s health and wellbeing over their own

43% of Aussies prioritise their significant other’s health and general wellbeing over their own 37% have missed an event, appointment or meeting to take care of their significant other 35% have lent their partner more than $2,000 Being in a relationship means some give and take, and a lot of compromise! But just how far […]


Hello Possums! Dame Edna rescues meerkats in a classic case of mistaken identity

Leading insurance comparison service Compare the Market has launched its third and final chapter of their new campaign to the nation on Sunday night via its latest TVC. The TVC – ‘Hello Possums’ – sees Aleksandr and Sergei looking a bit worse for wear after wandering around the Australian bush, all because a possum catcher failed to compare. As […]


Family comes first: Half of Aussies value family over their property, job and even life

52% of people consider their family the most important aspect of their life 13% consider their property the most valuable part of their life Of those who rate their life most important, only 14% have life insurance When it comes to our priorities, we each value different things in life. From taking a much needed […]


1 in 3 Australians with pre-existing medical conditions experience disruptions to their holiday

Alarmingly, 17% of those with pre-existing medical conditions have travelled uninsured The 31% who purchased travel insurance were unsure or didn’t declare their pre-existing medical condition Half of the Australian population have at least one pre-existing medical condition (PEMC)[1], and new research shows 34% of those with a PEMC are experiencing issues when travelling, such […]


Meerkats take the long way home, but will they ever get there?

Leading insurance comparison service Compare the Market has launched its second chapter of their new campaign to the nation on Sunday night via its latest TVC. The TVC – ‘Long Walk Home’ – follows on from the meerkats’ great escape from the confused possum catcher. Australia’s favourite head business-kat Aleksandr and his trusty Head of […]


Practising bad plastic habits: 45% of Aussies have unsafely shared their credit card details

17% of Aussies have emailed, texted or messaged someone their credit card details 44% have had their card details stolen or know someone who has 81% haven’t compared their credit card options or switched providers in the last year With owning a credit card comes great responsibility – from saving effectively, to paying off debt […]


58% of young adults drew from the ‘bank of mum and dad’ when travelling – and most don’t repay their parents in full

Across the country, the ‘bank of mum and dad’ has been helping young adults make many of their goals a reality such as a first property purchase, a dream wedding, and even a home to crash in! Now, new research has revealed this bank just keeps on giving, with parents helping to fund overseas leisure, work […]


Deadly driver distractions: 78% of drivers admit to multi-tasking behind the wheel – with eating and drinking the most common disruption

Driver distraction results in up to one in 10 fatalities and at least 14 per cent of all car crashes[1]. Among accidents caused by diverted attention, 36 per cent occur due to distractions within the vehicle.[2] Despite this, concerning new research has found that 3 in 4 Aussie motorists are still multi-tasking behind the wheel. […]


Be prepared: Top home loan tips, plus traps to avoid

The future is looking bright for potential homeowners, with the housing market in Australia showing positive signs of growth. With the national auction clearance rates averaging almost 70%, record-low mortgage rates and changes in lenders’ assessment rates, many believe conditions are ripe for prospective home buyers – both new and experienced.[1], [2], [3] Alarmingly, many […]

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