Peoples of Australia!

Some time ago, a silly possum catcher named Barry mistook us - fine, distinguished meerkats - for possums...

Smelly, noisy, unmanicured beasts who make noise like technos music!
If only he'd compare us, he wouldn't have wasted his energy chasing us.

Look how silly he look!

It should've been obvious - possums hide in roof making maracas.
Meerkats help you save money!

Barry, if you're reading this, please take time to educate

Possums have five toes, meerkats have four toes
Possums have five toes
Meerkats have four toes

Possums have five toes
meerkats have four (and assortment of fancy slippers)

Possum vs Aleksander

Possums can't even talk! Meerkats speak in silky tones made for movies screen

Possums eat home & contents; meerkats find you home & contents insurance deals

Sergei eating most nutritious grub sandwiches

Possums chew on eucalyptus leaves; meerkats eat most nutritious grub sandwiches.

Sergei eating most nutritious grub sandwiches

Possums scare small children; meerkats make pleasant house guest and babysitter.

Possums make unwelcome nest in car; meerkats help you discover new car insurance.

We implore you, don't be like Barry. Barry is as silly as mongoose at disco.

Like the millions of Aussies who compared with us last year, you'll find
it pays to compare...

It pays to compare when it's been years since you last reviewed your options.

It pays to compare when you're sick of expensive bills.

...and it pays to compare if you think that the possum running around your house might be a meerkat trying to find you a better deal.

Most handsomely,
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Aleksander Orlov
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