How can I get that Simplesness feeling?

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on health insurance

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How? We make it simples. We found Tuyet a new health insurance policy that had better cover than her current policy, and cost $902 less per year!

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on electricity

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We helped Anthony switch to a better energy plan. If he continues with the same energy use in future, he’ll save $298 on his quarterly bill.

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You can find it across the whole household budget, and…

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We’ve put together a couple of things that can help you understand and improve your financial situation.

The Financial Consciousness Quiz

Take our quiz to see how your money habits compare to the rest of Australia. We’ll also give you some handy tips to help you become more financially savvy.

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Money made Simples

Written by financial author Melissa Browne, Money made Simples is a hands on guide to help identify your money strengths and weaknesses, and start your new money story. It’s free so download it now!

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