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Huddle car insurance at a glance

  • Pay As You Drive policy option with discount
  • 24/7 claim processing
  • A range of optional extras and services for additional value
  • Backed by Hollard Insurance

About Huddle Insurance

Founded in 2016, Huddle is an Australian car insurer whose mission is to make insurance simple for everyone. Huddle has easy-to-understand car insurance policies that are backed by clever technology.

Although they do employ people to look after their customers via their call centre, Huddle uses artificial intelligence to help you with your application and process your claims 24/7 – sometimes you’ll receive a decision within minutes! Huddle’s powerful tech is paired with a team of insurance experts, so there’ll still be a human to talk to if you need assistance.

While their approach to insurance is modern, they’re backed by decades of experience from their underwriter Hollard Insurance, a leading international insurer.

Although relatively fresh on the scene, Huddle has wasted no time getting big insurance products into the market, such as home and contents insurance and car insurance.

Huddle’s car insurance policy benefits

Huddle offers several levels of car insurance, as well as multiple optional extras, to provide plenty of choice to customers.

Through Compare the Market, you can compare Huddle’s Third Party Property policy (which has the option of upgrading to cover fire and theft too), or Huddle’s Everyday Comprehensive car insurance policy. Customers who drive less than 15,000kms per year can choose Huddle’s Pay As You Drive, which is the same as their Everyday Comprehensive but up to 30% cheaper.

Huddle also offers a higher-tier comprehensive policy, Huddle Black (not currently available through Compare the Market’s car insurance comparison service).

Insured eventsThird Party PropertyThird Party Property with Fire and Theft optionEveryday ComprehensiveHuddle Black Comprehensive
Accidental damage to your vehicle
Fire damage
Damage to other people’s property
Flood and storm damage
Damage to your car caused by an uninsured driver
Malicious damage
New car replacement✓ (Up to two years from first registration)✓ (Up to three years from first registration)
Personal property
Emergency travel and accommodation
Towing costs
Essential repairs
Hire car following theft
Trailer and caravan cover
Child seats and prams
Lock and key replacement
Rental car excess cover
Choice of repairer
Information accurate as of 14/04/22 but is subject to change. Always read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before purchasing to view benefit limits, exclusions and all terms and conditions.
Note: Huddle Black Comprehensive policies are not available to compare with Compare the Market

Optional extras

In addition to the range of included benefits listed in the table above, Huddle Insurance offers a suite of optional extras.

  • Sports Gear Cover. Up to $3,000 to cover your sports gear while it’s in or on your car.
  • Kanga Cover. Get one excess-free animal collision claim per year.
  • Excess-free windscreen cover. Get one excess-free windscreen repair or replacement per year.
  • Hire car cover. Cover for the cost of a hire car (up to a specified time limit) if a claim for theft or damage is accepted. The cost you’re covered for will depend on the level of insurance you have with Huddle.
  • Roadside assistance. Essential roadside assistance to get you back on the road.

Why choose Huddle car insurance?

Huddle has great benefits included in their car insurance policy, plus a whole range of optional extras to extend your coverage even more. Furthermore, they’re a Certified B Corp, meaning they meet the highest standards of transparency, accountability, social and environmental performance according to environmental non-profit B Lab.

Frequently asked questions

What payment options do I have with Huddle car insurance?

New Huddle customers will need to set up direct debit to pay for their car insurance monthly or annually. You will need to provide a credit card or bank account and select which payment schedule you will go with. If you pay monthly there will be a small bookkeeping fee added to the cost of the premium.

As with most insurance companies, it is cheaper in the long run to pay for Huddle car insurance annually rather than monthly, though it costs more upfront.

Does Huddle car insurance cover drivers under 25?

Huddle car insurance does cover younger drivers under the age of 25. These drivers may incur an additional excess if you need to claim if they were driving at the time of the incident.

How do I make a car insurance claim with Huddle Insurance?

If you need to make a claim with Huddle, you can do so online through their website.  Alternatively, you can call Huddle’s claims line to get assistance from their dedicated customer service team.

You’ll need to provide supporting documentation like:

  • Photographs
  • Video
  • Police reports
  • Witness statements and details
  • Driver details for all other drivers involved
  • Receipts for any related towing or repairs

What excesses might I have to pay with Huddle car insurance?

There are several different excess payments included in Huddle car insurance policies. Depending on the circumstances of your claim, you may incur multiple excess payments at once. These can include:

  • Basic excess. This excess applies to most claims.
  • Learner driver excess. If the driver at the time of the incident is a learner driver.
  • Young driver excess. If the driver at the time of the incident was under the age of 25.
  • Sports Gear Cover excess. This excess applies to Sports Gear Cover policies and replaces the basic excess.
  • Unlisted driver excess. When the driver at the time of the incident wasn’t listed on the policy.
  • Inexperienced driver excess. For drivers who haven’t held an open licence for two or more years.
  • Pay As You Drive kilometre excess. If the meter read during a claim for Pay As You Drive policies shows the odometer reading is inconsistent with the start or end odometer reading listed on the policy.

How do I cancel my Huddle car insurance policy?

You can cancel your Huddle car insurance by calling their customer line or going online through Huddle’s website. Huddle has a 14-day cooling-off period where you can cancel within 14 days of purchasing or renewing your policy for a full refund.

If you pay for Huddle car insurance annually and cancel after this cooling-off period, you will receive a refund for the period of cover you haven’t used yet, minus any cancellation fees.

How does Huddle’s Pay As You Drive car insurance work?

If you have a comprehensive Huddle car insurance policy, you may have access to the Pay As You Drive option, where you choose your annual kilometres limit up to a maximum of 15,000km. This can help you save money on the cost of the policy by driving less throughout the year.

You’ll need to provide the current odometer reading at the beginning of your policy, and a new reading at renewal or when making a claim. If the reading is above the limit you chose, you’ll need to pay an additional excess when making a claim.

Will Huddle car insurance cover ride share drivers?

Huddle doesn’t provide car insurance if you use your vehicle for ridesharing. It does provide cover for business use, which can involve driving to meetings with clients, driving to worksites and carrying tools.

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