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About Simply Energy

Simply Energy is an Australian-based energy retailer which offers competitive energy plans to customers in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Southeast Queensland and Western Australia (gas only) since 2005.

Simply Energy aims to be a trusted smart energy partner that provides simple, affordable solutions to enable customers to feel more in control of their energy.

Simply Energy Plans

Simply Energy have teamed up with some iconic Australian organisations to offer customers an extra something with their energy – whether you’re a sports fan, movie buff, auto club member or just after a great pay-on-time discount.

From basic ‘no frills’ energy plans to plans that help you get Vreward (Village Cinemas) points, receive NRMA benefits and more, there’s something for everyone.

They also offer energy plans for small to medium businesses. With simplified billing, rewarding plans, honest offers and helpful service, finding easy, great-value plans can be an effortless process.

Services Offered

As well as great energy offers, Simply Energy also has a range of other services.

MyAccount and the MyAccount app makes it easy for you to manage your account online, while Energy Check Up can help you understand where you’re using energy at home. Energy Check Up is simple and it allows you get a detailed report with recommendations to reduce how much you pay for energy. Best of all, it’s free.

Designed to keep you in the know when it comes to your energy habits, Simply Energy’s Tracker gives you a detailed account of your usage so that you can manage your habits and save on your bill. With Tracker, customers can set budgets and even get an idea of how much their next bill will be.

Why choose Simply Energy?

  • Smart energy solutions. Simply Energy provides innovative solutions backed by ENGIE, a global leader in the transition to a zero-carbon economy.
  • Great benefits and rewards. Get exclusive discounts, rewards and rates with Simply Energy’s partners. If you’re not a member with their partners, don’t worry; there are plenty of other discounts and rewards that you can claim.
  • Flexible payment methods. Pay your energy bill online, by post, BillPay, credit card, PayPal and more!
  • Giving back to the community. Simply Energy is proud to give back to communities across Australia, supporting a range of charities and community initiatives. Simply Energy offers them the support they need most – whether that’s funding, energy resources and expertise or good old-fashioned elbow grease.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get an extension on my energy bill?

Simply Energy offers financial support in the form of bill extensions and payment plans for all customers who need help getting back on track with their bill payments. They offer personalised payment plans, including short- and long-term plans. You can typically choose to pay in advance or in instalments for these options.

Simply Energy has lots of options for those experiencing hardship. However, keep in mind that the sooner you let them know about your financial situation, the faster they can start supporting you.

What is the Tracker?

The Simply Energy Electricity Tracker is an mobile app and web service that can be accessed through MyAccount. This online tracking tool is tailored for electricity smart meters and allows you to view and monitor your usage.

The budgeting feature allows you to set the amount you want to spend on electricity for a period and notifies you when you go over your budget.

Does the Simply Energy Electricity tracker include discounts and concession rates?

Yes. In addition to discounts and concession rates, the Tracker also includes usage charges, supply charges, and solar feed-in credits (if applicable).

It doesn’t include manual adjustments, such as credits, forward balances (the amount not paid in the previous bill) and other charges like special meter read fees.

Does the Simply Energy tracker include gas?

Unfortunately, you can only monitor your electricity usage with your smart meter.

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