Greetings lovers of the Wildlifes!

It is with great honours that I, Aleksandr Orlov, announce big furry partnership with Australia Zoo. They bring distant meerkat cousins to Queensland so they can make new home among Australia Zoo’s fantastic creatures.

Compare The Market will provide Australia Zoo with helping paw in coming years. So to honour this, I nominate Sergei as ‘Personal Crocodile Enclosure Cleaner’.

Aleksandr Orlov – Owner of

Australia Zoo’s personal mission is to protect animals and their habitats across the planet. That’s a big job! Now that they’re bringing a meerkat family to their world-famous zoo, we’re eager to lend a hand. That’s why we’ve partnered with Australia Zoo to bring meerkats to the masses.

How are we helping?

Construction of the meerkat enclosure

We’re contributing to the construction costs of the zoo’s latest attraction: the meerkat enclosure. Our company owner, Aleksandr Orlov, is thrilled to welcome his cousins to the Sunshine Coast.

Keeping an eye on our meerkat cousins

Mr Orlov wants to keep an eye on his furry relations (as do many Aussies), so he’s given Sergei a camera to follow the meerkats around and record their activities. You can check out Sergei’s ‘Meerkam’ footage below.

Meet the first meerkats to arrive at Australia Zoo

Say hello to four of Australia Zoo’s newest residents.

  • Mother of three
  • Calm, steady demeanour
  • Adventurous (when it comes to new food!)
  • Distinct dark face mask

  • Darkest fur of three sisters
  • Most independent
  • Reserved by nature
  • Takes time with new encounters

  • ‘Golden girl’ of sisters
  • Sweet, obliging personality
  • Uses looks to get treats
  • Loves sun baking

  • Greyish fur
  • Fussy, especially with food
  • Sticks close to Mum
  • Takes lead from family with new toys & exploring

Check out the Meerkam to Australia Zoo